Ward, Catherine

About the authors: Catherine Ward is a retired Professor of English. During her tenure at Western Kentucky University, she served as the first resident Director of Women Studies and established Women in Transition. Her scholarly publications include a two-volume edition of the letters of Irish historian and activist, Letters of Charles O’Conor of Belanagare, 1710-1790, co-edited with her husband Robert Ward. She has also published a number of articles on 20th century fiction. Dr. Karen Westbrooks is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as an Associate Professor of Family Therapy. For ten years she provided direct service to families who were experiencing the crises of illness, homelessness, unemployment, death and abuse. During these years in hospital and social service, she was earning her PhD from St. Louis University, and subsequently published two books: Overcoming Dysfunction (Westbrooks, 1994) and Functional Low-Income Families: Activating Strengths (Westbrooks, 1995).She currently teaches at Western Kentucky University.

Oral Histories and Analyses of Nontraditional Women Students. A Study of Unconventional Strengths
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