Davies, Catherine

Women Writers in Twentieth-Century Spain and Spanish America
1993 0-88946-423-5
Each study suggests new and detailed readings of selected texts. Some of the writers discussed are recognized as key figures in the Hispanic canon (Carmen Laforet, Rosario Castellanos, Carmen Conde, Mercè Rodoreda, Juana de Ibarbourou). Others are less well-known (María Luisa Bombal, Idea Vilariño, Dora Alonso, Gioconda Belli, Julie Sopetrán, Tina Díaz) but important to an understanding of women as producers of textual meaning. Among the contributors are Clara Janés, Montserrat Ordóñez, and Mirta Yáñez. What emerges are the multiple subversive strategies used by women writing in Spanish and Catalan to enable self-representation and to challenge hegemonic discourse.

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