Robinson, Carol L.

Dr. Carol L. Robinson is Associate Professor of English at Kent State University-Trumbull, Ohio. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Georgia, in Athens.

NEO-MEDIEVALISM IN THE MEDIA:Essays on Film, Television, and Electronic Games
2012 0-7734-2662-0
This is a collection of essays that study the contemporary cultural depictions of medievalism. The book attempts to unravel distortions that tend to domesticate the era and represent it as an extension of modern life. Several authors claim that modernity is so radically different to medieval life that we can only view the past as an extension of the present, rather than as radically different. The present distorts, and often politicizes the past, and these essays explore how everything from commercials, and video games, to the war on terror can contain elements of neo-medieval revisionism. Some authors argue that even though nobody alive today has a lived experience of the period, and holding an authentic medieval experience is almost impossible, there seems to be a sort of nostalgia about medieval times that indicates dissatisfaction with contemporary life.

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The Cultural Influences of William Gibson, the Father of Cyberpunk Science Fiction.
2007 0-7734-5467-5
William Gibson (b 1948), since the publication of his first, award-winning novel, Neuromancer (1984), has been celebrated as a breath of fresh air in the realm of science fiction. This anthology of essays is an attempt to analyze Gibsons literary technique, his sustained critique of emerging technologies, and the nature of how fiction writing in general is continually categorized and canonized in the Postmodern Age.

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