Tonsing, Betty K.

About the author: Dr. Tonsing received her MA from Goddard College, Vermont, and her PhD from Rhodes University, South Africa. In 1982 she accepted a contract with the United nations and was assigned to Lesotho. During her eleven years in Africa, she also contracted with the United States Agency for International Development and Catholic Relief Services. She helped created the American Studies Association of southern Africa. Since her return to the United States, Dr. Tonsing has been a chief executive officer of three non-profit organizations. Her freelance writing has appeared in several international publications.

2002 0-7734-7104-9
This is an account of the Quakers and their activities in South Africa up through the 20th century. After an overview of early Quaker history in South Africa, it examines their responses to segregation, apartheid, the defiance and resistance campaigns, and their position on sanctions and reconciliation.

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