Schneider, Ben Ross Jr.

Dr. Ben R. Schneider, Jr. was Emeritus Professor of English at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. A dedicated teacher, researcher and writer, his published works include Wordsworth’s Cambridge Education, The Ethos of Restoration Comedy, Travels in Computerland, and My Personal Computer and Other Family Crises. He placed great value on the Socratic Method in teaching, the philosophy of the ancient Greek and Roman Stoics, and a straightforward reading of Shakespeare’s plays based on their classical moral principles. The Web site he created, is a valuable resource for researchers.

Influence of Stoicism on William Shakespeare: His Background Reading and How It Shaped His Portrayal of Characters
2015 0-7734-4261-8
A unique examination of Shakespeare’s different plays to prove the relevance of stoic philosophy, in the themes, ideas, and images that play out in his body of work. Contemporary interpreters of Shakespeare have ignored these primary philosophical sources of Renaissance thought that influenced the fundamental moral principles and thinking of his time.

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