Hamilton, Barry W.

Dr. Barry W. Hamilton is Professor of Historical and Contemporary Theology and Theological Librarian at Northeastern Seminary / Roberts Wesleyan College (Rochester, NY) He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Theological and Religious Studies from Drew University (Madison, NJ).

Role of Richard Watson's theological Institutes in the Development of Methodism After John Wesley
2014 0-7734-0072-9
No study ever before has examined the political implications of Watson’s massive theological exposition. The official accounts of Methodist history mention the Theological Institutes but take their importance for granted. This work brings puts together the puzzle pieces of its major themes in a more contextualized historical interpretation.

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William Baxter Godbey - Itinerant Apostle of the Holiness Movement
2000 0-7734-7815-9
This is the first scholarly biography of William B. Godbey, one of the most colorful and beloved evangelists in the southern holiness movement of the 19th century. He was a highly effective revivalist who promoted the holiness movement as the restoration of New Testament Christianity and primitive Wesleyanism. Godbey was one of the major figures in the holiness movement’s turn to premillennialism, as well as one of the principal ‘holiness heroes’ who kept glossolalia out of a significant portion of the Wesleyan-holiness tradition. He profoundly shaped the ‘eradicationist’ wing of the movement. Godbey was a lifelong member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Remembered in the holiness movement as an ‘eccentric’ and forgotten in Methodism, Godbey was in his lifetime respected as the ‘Bible commentator’ and Greek scholar. He traveled around the world five times, and produced a prodigious literature. The author of an influential book on women in ministry, Godbey was a staunch advocate for women preachers. More than just a biography, this book is a window on the theology and culture of the southern holiness movement in its formative period.

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