Cooper, Barry

Michel Foucault. An Introduction to the Study of His Thought
1982 0-88946-867-2
A comprehensive survey and introduction to the range of Michel Foucault's thought dealing with philosophy in general, sociology, political science, art, literature, and history in particular.

Price: $159.95

Political Theory of Eric Voegelin
1986 0-88946-771-4
A collection of six studies that constitute a probe into the political philosophy of Eric Voegelin, including: "The Crucible," "Western Civil Theologies," "The Genesis of Modern Unreason," "The Concept of Historiogenesis," "Cosmos and Empire," "The Differentiation of Consciousness," and "In Search." Contains a bibliography of Voegelin's writings and an index.

Price: $199.95

Restoration of Political Science and the Crisis of Modernity
1990 0-88946-106-6
Brings together in three sections a collection of old and new papers in political philosophy focusing on the problem of understanding modern political reality. Section One is an analysis of the crisis of interpretation that has been in effect since the founding of social science (but has recently become acute). Section Two, informed with current questions in interpretation, is an analysis of the crisis of modernity itself. Section Three deals with the restoration of political philosophy, understood in part as a response to the crises analyzed in the previous two sections.

Price: $219.95