Dutt, Ashok

Dr. Ashok K. Dutt, a naturalized U. S. citizen and a native of India, is a Professor of Geography, Planning, and Urban Studies at The University of Akron. He specializes in urban geography and planning. He has published in major journals of the world and has written several books including Public Planning in the Netherlands, Planning Perspectives and Urban Development in Belgium, The Asian City and Atlas of South Asia.

Urban Ecological Research Methods Applied to the Cleveland, Ohio Metropolitan Area
2002 0-7734-7201-0
This study aims at establishing a methodological justification for a meta-ecological research strategy for investigating and understanding the residential structure of urban areas. It demonstrates the applicability and usefulness of this approach as utilized in a residential analysis of the Cleveland Metropolitan Area. The analysis is comprised of three phases – conceptual, empirical and conceptual-empirical.

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