Sherbo, Arthur

Letters to Mr. Urban of the Gentleman's Magazine, 1751-1811
1997 0-7734-8427-2
Gentleman's Magazine, begun in 1731, soon featured a section devoted to letters from various correspondents on many subjects, from all parts of Britain and abroad. Many of the letter-writers were clergymen, many were antiquaries. Some accompanied their letters with drawings, inscriptions, and sketches. There was virtually no subject left untouched, and there is information of one kind or another, neglected by scholars in many branches of learning. Readers of this volume will find biographical information, literary criticism, Shakespeare criticism, theatrical data, and bibliographic material. Table of Contents: Richard Greene, Curator of His Own Museum; William Bickerstaffe, An Active Curate; Theophilus Lobb, Pii hominis; Samuel Watson, Another Quiet Life; Thomas Holt White, Brother of Gilbert White of Selborne; John Kynaston, A Neglected Shakespearean; Joseph Boerhadem, Old-Fashined Clergyman; The Reverend Mr. Samuel Badcock, Reviewer for the Monthly Review; H. N., Unidentified Scholar; Samuel Ayscough of the British Museum, Prince of Index-Makers; Henry Lemoine, Hack of all Trades; John Elderton, Chaplain to the Earl of Cork and Orrery

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