Rappaport, Aron M.

Tyranny of Hate: The Roots of Antisemitism a Translation Into English of Memsheleth Sadon
1992 0-7734-9562-2
This book deals with the subject of Hatred as examined in the Constantin Brunner's philosophical opus The Doctrine of the Spiritual Elite and the Multitude. The book avoids the idealistic reproaches of breach of morality, goodness and similar toothless phraseology. In the larger, practical part of the book, the author meets head on the open and veiled prejudices perpetrated by the Germans against the Jews. However, the main theme is human hatred, though it is studied here on the historical example of pandemic anti-Semitism. The author's scientific radicalism is controversial, and should interest scholars of human rights, progressive religious groups, Jewish institutions, university libraries, and the general reader as well as psychologists and sociologists.

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