Rosie, Anthony J.

Teacher Education and School Partnerships
1997 0-7734-8638-0
Drawing on studies of current partnerships between schools and training institutions in England, Scotland and Holland, this study raises questions about the quality of teaching and of students' experiences in school as they undergo the transformation from student to teacher. It raises issues of comparability: in what ways, if at all, are steps taken to ensure comparability of teaching and learning within and across institutions? What possibilities are there in the new and developing partnerships for safeguarding gains made in the previous decades to address equity issues of race and gender? How has teachers' work altered as it encompasses the teaching of adults as well as children? Contributors were free to raise their own questions, but the book is given great coherence by being placed within the context of Habermas's theoretical understandings. It is firmly based on current research, with contributions from practitioners in schools and higher education institutions.

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