Robb, Anthony J.

Anthony J. Robb is chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Rowan University and associate professor of Spanish. He teaches Spanish grammar, composition and civilization courses as well as major courses in Latin American literature. Dr. Robb serves as the academic advisement coordinator for the Department and is the liaison for the College of Education and the Dual-Degree Spanish and Education programs. He obtained his Ph.D. in Latin American Literature & Central American Literature from Temple University.

Eunice Odio y Su Sensual Mundo Poetico
2010 0-7734-3833-5
This book analyzes along thematic and stylistic lines, all the erotic poetry of the Costa Rican-Mexican avant-garde writer, Eunice Odio. To date, it is the only monographic study that specifically examines Odian erotic discourse through a confluence of closely imbricated parameters: Spanish American vanguard, feminine discourse and erotic literary theory. This book contains seven color photographs and six black and white photographs.

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