Flusche, Anna Marie

A chance encounter with a book led Anna Marie Flusche into an unexplored field of research—the study of organbuilders who were clerics and religious. A concert organist, she was the first person to receive the degree of Doctor of Musical Arts in Organ Performance from Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music.

Life and Legend of Gerbert of Aurillac
2005 0-7734-5924-3
Born a peasant at the end of the first millennium, Gerbert of Aurillac ascended the chair of Peter as Pope Sylvester II. His meteoric rise in power helped bring about the legend which sprang up after his death. Gerbert distinguished himself in nearly every field of human endeavor. It was as a teacher and a mathematician that he exercised the role of organ builder. A feature unique to this book is the use of sources from a variety of disciplines. In order not to present a one-dimensional (and therefore false) appraisal, this study examines Gerbert in his various roles as letter-writer, mathematician, scientist, politician and churchman.

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