Micocci, Andrea

About the author: Andrea Micocci was born in Rome. He studied in Italy, and did his postgraduate work both in economics and philosophy at the London School of Economics, Sussex, and York, UK. He has worked as a freelance consultant, and taught in a number of institutions, the last being the University of Tuscia, Italy.

Anti-Hegelian Reading of Economic Theory
2002 0-7734-7275-4
This book examines political economy through the eyes of a philosopher. The framework for analysis is a materialistic and naturalistic one based on logical considerations, identified with a Western philosophical tradition which stretches from Epicurus to Aquinas to Rousseau to the contemporary anti-Hegelian reaction of Feuerbach, Marx and Della Volpe. It builds an original philosophical approach, analyzes economic doctrines from the point of view of their logical shortcomings, producing a highly original view of the relationship between capitalist culture and political economy, and sketching an alternative political economy, concrete-based, historical and taxonomic.

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