Klein, Ana Maria

About the author: Dr. Klein is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Formerly an elementary classroom generalist, she now teaches mathematics methods and graduate courses in cultural studies. A Venezuelan-born Canadian, Dr. Klein lived and taught overseas for over twenty years prior to completing her doctorate at McGill University in Montreal. Currently, Dr. Klein continues to explore the unique problem-solving capabilities of her college students as well as integrating the mathematical register in classroom discourse. Dr. Klein is also interested in cultural and linguistic studies and has currently published several articles in the multicultural area. As a fluent speaker of four languages, she can appreciate the validity of the language of problem-solving in a very personal manner.

Learning How Children Process Mathematical Problems
2003 0-7734-6543-X
This book is the result of three years of qualitative research observation conducted in a classroom. Grade five students were observed during their extended mathematics problem-solving class. Data was audio-taped, video-recorded, and analyzed to isolate the language of problem solving. The children work with multi-step mathematical problems that are well-designed. Insights gleaned from the analysis showed the different ways that children interpret what they understand in mathematics. It also shows how they explain their problem-solving strategies to each other. The study shows teachers and teacher-educators positive ways of assisting the problem-solving process. Through multiple examples of hands-on instruction, manipulatives-based learning environments, and well-designed classroom settings, teachers and teacher-educators can help build positive mathematical experiences for young children. The data also shows that students work in a space that requires high concentration and abstraction, and it brings out the fat that youngsters need to communicate about what they’re learning.

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