Bralove Ramirez, Alicia

Dr. Alicia Bralove Ramirez is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Modern Languages, at the Bronx Community College of the City of New York. She holds a Ph.D. in French Literature from The CUNY Graduate Center.

Representation of Women in Ten French Novels on the Spanish Civil War: A Critical Approach
2013 0-7734-3061-X
Several authors used depictions of gender in their novels to make overt statements about the politics of Spain at the time. During the Spanish Civil War, battle lines were drawn, and the French public wanted to understand the burgeoning trends of nearby fascist dictatorships that were overtaking Europe. Novels served as one manner of depicting Right-wing politics as ‘morally depraved’ while Leftists were viewed as being highly evolved. Sides were being determined through these fictional narratives, and it became obvious that Fascism was something to fight against.

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