Cook, Albert

Affability Blues
1994 0-7734-2799-6
Presents further poems of Albert Cook written according to the "collage" method of composition. It includes Motets, a group of poems focused on individual scenes.

Delayed Answers
1992 0-7734-9566-5
Delayed Answers, a large book of poems, is written in a semi-collagist method. The poems have been selected from the author's work since Adapt the Living (Swallow, 1981). Included is the recent series "Plaints and prophecies," based on macro-historical adumbrations.

2000 0-7734-2712-0
Poems on diverse subjects.

Future Invests
1997 0-7734-2816-X
Poems in which the collage method aims at psychological "historical" widenings and intensifications.

Haiku Poems
1998 0-7734-2825-9
With Illustrations by Ann Cheetham Colley. Haiku form verse on various topics.

1993 0-7734-2788-0

1992 0-7734-9564-9
Modulars offers five poems, each written on a different pattern according to the principle of "the syllabic module," a sound system developed by the author. The sense of contemporary verse is often organized on variable axes, and this book aims to organize sound patterns in a corresponding way. It offers metrical modes somewhat analogous to the structure of serial music, in which the randomness of instances in free verse is subordinated to audible patterns, without returning to the simple recursions of meter. In the poems of Modulars, the line unit is bound both horizontally by syllable-count in the line and vertically by recursive series from line to line. At the same time, the line, within its limited number of syllabic alternatives, remains free, as free verse is free, to choose, at every point, the particular alternative for the particular line.

Reasons for Waking
1996 0-7734-2674-4
Like a collage, these poems use juxtapositions and leaps to bring psychological, spiritual and rhythmic perceptions into coherent expression.

Sometime Master
1998 0-7734-3092-X