Hafez-Ergaut, Agnès

About the author: Raised in France, Agnès Hafez-Ergaut started a teaching career after graduating at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) in French, Spanish and Arabic languages, literatures and civilizations. She received her PhD in French Contemporary Literature at the University of Western Australia. She has published several articles in Australia and Canada, and is also the author of a novel. She currently teaches French language and literature at the University of Tasmania.

Le Vertige du Vide - Huysmans, Céline, Sartre
2000 0-7734-7772-1
This study deals with the notions of the sordid and nihilism and explores their rapport with the works of Huysmans, Céline, and Sartre. This study argues that the three writers are lined in their philosophical or spiritual quest, and aims at demonstrating that the sordid is used as a metaphor to describe the trauma that modern times inflict on modern man. In French.

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