Subject Area: Library & Information Science

Author Co-Citation Analysis Using Custom Bibliographic Databases
2003 0-7734-6713-0
This book introduces an alternative approach to conducting author co-citation analysis (ACA) without relying on commercial citation databases such as index ISI citation index, based on custom bibliographic database and co-citation matrix generation systems specifically developed to use the custom database. This alternative approach has the capability to access to the non-primary authors of cited references. The inability to access non-primary authors is a critical shortcoming of ACA research utilizing the commercial databases. This book describes step-by-step ACA procedures for novice SAS users. It provides explicit instructions to build bibliographic databases, process them to compile co-citation matrix, prepare SAS input files, and interpret the results. It provides a useful, instructional guideline to conduct ACA research regardless of the bibliographic databases used – in-house databases or commercial citation databases.

Books and Book Collecting in America, 1890-1930
2001 0-7734-7624-5
This study interprets the history of book collecting in America from the point of view of the collectors of the late 19th and early 20th century, the ‘Golden Age’ of collecting. It examines how, what, and most importantly why they collected, and how they read and interacted with their collectibles. It also incorporates an analysis of the ‘world of the bookman-collector’ with larger cultural occurrences related to the decline of Victorianism, modernization, the reaction by the American gentry, and rise of mass, consumer culture.

Early History of the London Library
1992 0-7734-9473-1
An analysis of the London Library during its first few years: examination of the early buildings and expenditures, stock and acquisitions policy, sources and development of the book collection, the 1842 Catalogue and shelf markings, the laws, regulations, and staffing of the Library. With illustrations.

Life of John Alexander Symington, Bibliographer and Librarian, 1887-1961 a Bookman's Rise and Fall
1995 0-7734-9021-3
This is the first biography of Alex Symington, bibliographer, curator, librarian and bookseller. It draws heavily on unpublished archival sources to create a lively picture of the backstage workings of the British Establishment between the wars.Originally a civil servant, Symington created the magnificent Brotherton Collection of rare books and manuscripts in his spare time, as librarian to the industrialist Lord Brotherton. After an acrimonious five-year dispute between Brotherton's heirs and Leeds University, he was appointed Keeper of the Collection at the University, only to be dismissed after a corruption scandal in 1938. He was similarly forced to resign his curatorship of the Brontë Parsonage Museum at Haworth, but went on to edit with T.J. Wise the Shakespeare Head Brontë. In addition, Symington was chairman of a bookselling company. Symington's life is part of the larger story of the decline of the Bookmen. The essential amateur in an increasingly professionalized and academic-dominated world, his tragedy lay in his failure to grasp that the day of the self-taught Bookman was past. Includes 8 photographs.

Royal American Magazine, 1774-75. An Annotated Catalog
2001 0-7734-7405-6
Documenting of the contents of The Royal American Magazine, or Universal Repository of Instruction and Amusement, published in Boston, January 1774-March 1775.

Rushton M. Dorman, Esq. Library Sale Catalogue (1886) a Study of the Dispersal of a Nineteenth-Century American Private Library (volume Two)
2001 0-7734-7381-5
This two-volume set constitutes an edition of the sale catalogue of the private library of Rushton M. Dorman of Chicago, Illinois, a collection numbering 1,842 separate items. It casts an interesting and important light upon book-collecting and reading habits and interests among affluent late 19th-century Americans. In addition, the substance and tone of the comments set down by the original compiler of the catalogue allow one to view the marketing methods employed by a major late 19th-century book auction firm. The volumes will be of interest to students of literary history, librarians, bibliophiles, historians of the book and book trade.

What Books by African American Women Were Acquired by American Academic Libraries. A Study of Institutional Legitimation, Exclusion, and Implicit Censorship
2009 0-7734-3792-4
This study examines the publication, review and collection of fiction and poetry titles written by African-American women, published between 1980-1990 by Association of Research Libraries member academic libraries located in the United States. It is an examination of institutionalized legitimizing social forces and their influence on the collection and sanctioning of knowledge as expressed through academic library collections.