Baker, William Books

Early History of the London Library
1992 0-7734-9473-1
An analysis of the London Library during its first few years: examination of the early buildings and expenditures, stock and acquisitions policy, sources and development of the book collection, the 1842 Catalogue and shelf markings, the laws, regulations, and staffing of the Library. With illustrations.

George Eliot and Judaism
1975 0-7734-0312-4
In this, her last published novel, Eliot used Jewish concerns thematically, symbolically, and character-wise. With few exceptions, there has been little serious analysis of Eliot's knowledge of Judaism and the use to which she put it in her creative work. This study made use of her letters and notebooks to investigate these questions.

Some George Eliot Notebooks an Edition of the Carl H. Pforzheimer Library's George Eliot Holograph Notebooks
0 0-7734-0314-0
George Eliot's spelling, punctuation, and accents have been retained. Word-division and hyphenation have been kept, as well as underlining. marginal markings, with other markings and crossed-out by legible material are included in the list of `Omitted Textual Details' following the text.