Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936) - His Plays in Sicilian Volume 2: The Balance; Cappiddazzu Pays for Everything; the License; the Cyclops; Glaucus; with Kid Gloves

Author: Privitera, Joseph
Pirandello, Luigi
English translation of Pirandello's original Sicilian plays, retaining the names of the original characters, their dialogue, with all the peculiarities and characteristics of the Sicilian tongue and the nature and flavor of their mores, thus underscoring the fact that Sicily and Sicilians are different ethnically, culturally and linguistically from continental Italians. Volume 1 also contains the Preface, a complete list of Pirandello's plays, and an introduction setting Pirandello's life and Sicilian plays in context.

Table of Contents

Plays include:
Volume 1: Sicilian Limes; Think It Over, Giacuminu; The Cap With the Jingle Bells; LiolĂ ; The Jar; The Vise

Volume 2: The Balance; Cappiddazzu Pays for Everything; The License; The Cyclops; Glaucus; With Kid Gloves