Science and Technology in African History with Case Studies From Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and Zambia

Author: Thomas-Emeagwali, Gloria
In science the areas of focus include mathematics, medicine, and the sociology of medicine as well as biologically-based warfare. In technology, iron, gold, diamond, and glass-making technologies dominate. Three of the cases of metallurgical development are centered on the pre-colonial periods. Chapters examine deficiencies and offer critical analysis of contemporary state policies in the areas of Nigeria and Zambia.


"This book does more than examine current underdevelopment by including, in addition, topics on indigenous science and medicine. . . . Those interested in the subject will find most of the individual chapters well written and well argued. The chapters on health and mathematics provide tantalizing evidence on how Africans related to their environment. . . . The book has suggested many topics that can fall under science, and this reviewer hopes that many of these shall engage scholarly attention in the years to come." - Toyin Falola in The Historian