Thomas-Emeagwali, Gloria

Dr. Gloria T. Emeagwali is a tenured Full Professor of History and African Studies at Central Connecticut State University since 1996. She was a Visiting Scholar at Oxford University in 1990 and Spring 2000. She is the recipient of a UNESCO award for her website Dr. Emeagwali has won 3 other research awards and has published more than 40 articles in her field.She served as the Coordinator of African Studies at Central Connecticut State University 1992 to 1997.

Historical Development of Science and Technology in Nigeria
1992 0-7734-9214-3
The areas of focus include traditional methods of food processing, cassava-processing technology in the contemporary period, textile technology, and pedagogy and science teaching in Nigeria. There is also a specific focus on gender and technology. The text concentrates on the historical dimension but approaches the subject in the context of multidisciplinary interpretation.

Science and Technology in African History with Case Studies From Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and Zambia
1992 0-7734-9557-6
In science the areas of focus include mathematics, medicine, and the sociology of medicine as well as biologically-based warfare. In technology, iron, gold, diamond, and glass-making technologies dominate. Three of the cases of metallurgical development are centered on the pre-colonial periods. Chapters examine deficiencies and offer critical analysis of contemporary state policies in the areas of Nigeria and Zambia.