Armenian-North American Literature: Genocide, Diaspora, and Symbols

Author: Shirinian, Lorne
Looks at a group of texts that have never been treated as a body of literature before and offers the most far-reaching study to date of the effects of the Armenian Diaspora on Armenian literature. Goes through the pertinent moments in Armenian history to prepare an understanding of perhaps the most important fact of Armenian life, the genocide of 1915 which gave rise to the Armenian Diaspora. Employs a new theoretical approach from Europe developed by Jürgen Link called collective symbols.


"Shirinian's analysis of the Diaspora/Homeland dialectic is insightful and central to the texts he discusses." - Armenian International Magazine

". . . the book's strength resides in its meticulous analysis of the way the literary "symbol" of the Genocide gathers in all the energies that pulse through the diaspora. . . . what is surprising is the consistency with which Shirinian shows the Catastrophe to have functioned, for half a century, as a kind of literary black hole, powerful enough to pull every other major diasporan theme within its force field. . . . This is powerful, indeed moving reading. . . " - Armenian Review