Shirinian, Lorne

Armenian-North American Literature: Genocide, Diaspora, and Symbols
1990 0-88946-392-1
Looks at a group of texts that have never been treated as a body of literature before and offers the most far-reaching study to date of the effects of the Armenian Diaspora on Armenian literature. Goes through the pertinent moments in Armenian history to prepare an understanding of perhaps the most important fact of Armenian life, the genocide of 1915 which gave rise to the Armenian Diaspora. Employs a new theoretical approach from Europe developed by J├╝rgen Link called collective symbols.

Earthquake - Poems
1991 0-7734-9785-4

Republic of Armenia and the Rethinking of the North American Diaspora Literature
1992 0-7734-9613-0
Essays included in this volume are: Armenian-North American Literature and the Possibility of a Diaspora Culture; Lost Fathers and Abandoned Sons - The Silence of Generations in Armenian-North American Literature; Armenia Imagined - Homeland and Diaspora in Armenian-North American Literature; and Exile, Diaspora and the Armenian Writer in a Multicultural Canada. The essays stand in relation to the recent events in the Community of Independent States, specifically the independence of the Republic of Armenia, represents the most up-to-date thinking on the Diaspora.