Administrative Reform in China and Its Impact on the Policy-Making Process and Economic Development After Mao Reinventing Chinese Government

Author: Liu, Meiru
This book examines the role of China’s top administrative elites during and after the post-Mao administrative reforms, and determines to what extent the changes and their impact on the policy-making have brought about better economic policies and development. Qualitative and quantitative methods coupled with surveys, interviews, biographical and documentary-historical methods, and other primary and secondary data are combined in this empirical study.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings)
1. Introduction
2. Background Information on Post-Mao Administrative Reform in China
3. Administrative Reform in China – Its History, the Change of Political Leadership, and its Impact
4. The Theoretical Context
5. Educational and Professional Training and Qualification of Post-Mao New Leaders
6. Professionalized Administrative Elites in Post-Mao China
7. Biographical Analysis of Chinese New Administrative Elites at Ministerial, Provincial and Municipal Levels
8. Economic Policies and Development
9. Conclusions
Bibliography; Index; Appendices