Subject Area: Reference

The Many Different Meanings of the Game
 Edgerton, Robert B.
2006 0-7734-5914-6 252 pages
Winner of the Adele Mellen Prize for Contribution to Scholarship

This book begins with chapters devoted to baseball’s much-disputed beginnings and baseball in North America. There are also individual chapters devoted to baseball in Asia, Latin and South America, Australia and countries “down under,” Europe, Africa, and nearly every country imaginable. Along with names of individuals who brought baseball to these sometimes far-away regions, the author nonetheless interjects items related to baseball that will be new or pleasingly familiar to the most ardent fan. Although geared to a select audience, nearly all baseball fans will find something about America’s pastime – now grown to global proportions – to hold their interest and to provoke discussion.

A Dictionary of Rivers of the World: Names, Locations, Lengths, and Mouths
 Miller, Larry L.
2020 1-4955-0798-X 832 pages
Dr. Larry Miller has produced a compilation and Dictionary on the rivers of the world. It narrows the listings to the locations of the rivers, lengths, and the places that are located on the river itself.

Based on a Set of Unpublished 15th Century Manuscripts, Medulla Grammaticae / Marrow of Grammar Kept in the British Museum
 Tremblay, Florent
2009 0-7734-4783-0 532 pages
This examination of the Medulla Grammaticae reveals a synchronic representation of century English language, as it was locally spoken and written in Anglo-Norman England of the London area and its surroundings, in the years 1430-1480. Contrary to classical Latin-English dictionaries, this one reproduces the many free variations in spelling and lexical items, many of which reflect the regional aspect of the language. The author also included in the entries the syntactic and morpho-graphemic notes produced by the monks of the time.

A Research and Information Guide on the Bassoon
 Lipori, Daniel
2019 1-4955-0751-3 1012 pages
This book is a valuable tool for anyone researching the bassoon or bassoon related topics. It includes citations for nearly every book, article, dissertation, thesis, and video dealing with the bassoon. It is divided into different sections, allowing one to easily look up available information on a particular bassoon player, composer, information on bassoon reeds, or aspects of the instrument. There is also an alphabetical section by the author included along with category listings.

A Study of Twenty- First Century Andalusian Poetry: Facing Page Spanish / English Translations of Seven Andalusian Women Poets ( Juana Castro, Rosa Diaz, Paloma Fernandez Goma, Maria Rosal, Maria Del Valle Rubio, Pilar Sanabria, and Maria Sanz )
 Hidalgo-Calle, Lola
2016 1-4955-0471-9 136 pages
This work offers a fresh perspective on bilingual anthology. It’s expertly translated verses wonderfully capture the bold and vibrant contemporary Andalusian poetry of this select group of women. The added reader bonus is the inclusion of helpful and important biographical excerpts from interviews of these outstanding female poets.

An Annotated Bibliography (1982-2016) of Works Published About J. D. Salinger
 Weaver, Brett E.
2018 1-4955-0633-9 216 pages
This work is an annotated bibliography of critical works, (articles and books in print and online), written about J.D. Salinger and his work between 1982 and 2016. Weaver's updated bibliography includes 97 sources on Salinger, and the newer scholarship continues to account for Salinger's enduring presence in twenty-first century literature and film.

An Annotated Bibliography of Research of Robert Moog: His Life, Writings, and Contributions
 Anthony, Kevin
2019 1-4955-0783-1 56 pages
This reference work catalogs the research on electronic music pioneer Robert Moog.

An Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna in English and American Literature
 Milward, Peter
1992 0-7734-9539-8 244 pages
This encyclopedia is to survey the fauna and flora of England and America not from the viewpoint of zoological or botanical science but of literature. Given the excessive broadness of the endeavor, this is done in a personally selective manner, with preferences toward English over American, and poetry over prose. Two sources in particular take pride of place -- the Authorized King James Version of the Bible, and Shakespeare.

An Encyclopedia of Irish Schools, 1500-1800
 Ward, Robert E.
1995 0-7734-9050-7 272 pages
This encyclopedia is a research tool for both specialists in Anglo-Irish culture and the generalists who would like to know something about the variety of schools that existed in Ireland before the installation of the Irish state schools in the nineteenth century. This volume's importance lies in its compilation of hard-to-find materials that are in archives or in Irish regional or religious oriented journals. For example, little has been written about the suppressed report of 1791 concerning the endowed schools of Ireland, or about the Irish House of Lords' Census of Catholic schools, "masshouses" and monasteries. There is a richness of material that awaits future researchers in Irish education.

Speakers, Dialects, Linguistic Elements, Script and Distribution
 Shearer, Walter
2017 1-4955-0570-7 1648 pages
This 3 volume set of encyclopedias provides an up-to-date, comprehensive and detailed overview of these languages, which are spoken by an important portion of the world’s population and include language families of significant interest to the science of linguistics. It fills a major gap in the global linguistic knowledge available in English.

An Introduction to the World's Major Religions. A College Textbook
 Atkinson, David W.
1988 0-88946-015-9 312 pages

Annotated Bibliography and Guide to the Published Trumpet Music of Sigmund Hering
 Erdmann, Thomas R.
1997 0-7734-8545-7 216 pages
Sigmund Hering (1899-1986) was perhaps the most influential trumpet teacher in America during the mid 20th century, and was known worldwide. He served as trumpeter with the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1925-1964. He is the most published trumpet pedagogue in the world. After a short introductory chapter on Sigmund Hering, this work analyzes his published trumpet works, draws conclusions on each text for suitability of use, and creates a guide for trumpet pedagogues for using Hering's 408 trumpet etudes for one trumpet without piano accompaniment. Appendices include: A Brief Look at the Compositional Relationship Between Leon Lester and Sigmund Hering; Brief Biographies of Sigmund Hering's Principal Viennese Instructors; A Complete List of Sources Used to Create the List 'Twentieth Century Topics of Trumpet Pedagogy'; and Definitions of Some Terms Used in that list. This book is available at a special price when ordered for text use. Call (716) 754-2788 for text information.

Archival Records of the African Slave Trade to Mexico at Santiago El Pescador, 1692-1799
 Hall, Raymond
2013 0-7734-4090-9 108 pages
These are archival records tracking the slave trade in Tamiahua, Mexico. It documents the early stages of slavery in Mexico which due to the introduction of new diseases brought a significant reduction in the indigenous population. The eventual effects of the population shortages combined with other negative aspects of the conquest caused the Spanish to look elsewhere to supplement their labor force and maintain productivity, which included importing slaves.

Arizona Historical Dictionary. A Reference Compendium
 Schlup, Leonard
2012 0-7734-2929-8 756 pages
Schlup and Paschen have compiled the most thorough reference guide on Arizona’s local history. Marking the centennial anniversary of the state’s entrance into the union, this book provides more than a century worth of information for researchers seeking knowledge about its rich history. The book traces the history of Arizona from the Wild West until the present day.

This book is a one-volume reference work timed to coincide with the centennial observation of Arizona’s statehood in 2012. Besides the introduction, photographs, and index, the book consists of five parts: biographies, a chronology/timeline from 1846 to 2011, tables and charts, and primary documents.

They also provide recommended readings. This compilation is useful for a wide variety of groups from researchers, to government workers, students, historians, chambers of commerce, librarians, and even reporters. It will be informative for anyone interested in learning about Arizona.

Best of the Manion Forum. A Conservative and Free Market Source Book
 Bauman, Michael
1991 0-7734-9935-0 585 pages
Captures and preserves the essence of what grew to be both an American institution and a piece of Americana, The Manion Forum, and its creator, Dean Clarence Manion. Its three-fold purpose is political, historical and laudatory. It makes available to a wider audience some of the choicest excerpts of the hundreds of hours and thousands of pages of the Forum collection.

Bibliography of the English Novel From the Restoration to the French Revolution. A Checklist of Sources and Critical Materials, with Particular Reference to the Period 1660 to 1740
 Letellier, Robert I.
1995 0-7734-1280-8 428 pages
Source information includes: English fiction -- Early modern, 1500-1700 -- Bibliography. English fiction -- 18th century -- Bibliography. English fiction -- Early modern, 1500-1700 -- History and criticism -- Bibliography. English fiction -- 18th century -- History and criticism -- Bibliography

Bicultural Versatility as a Frontier Adaptation Among Paliyan Foragers of South India
 Gardner, Peter M.
2000 0-7734-7819-1 280 pages
Dr. Peter Gardner’s ethnographic study of Paliyans is one of the most complete and up-to-date accounts of a South Asian hunting and gathering people. It covers the spectrum of Paliyan culture, from subsistence to medicine and word play, and it details the beliefs and practices which allow Paliyans to achieve their extreme egalitarianism and non-violence. Brief case studies throughout the account not only bring the people to life, they give the reader a sense of the rich, complex texture of Paliyan existence. The study uses recent perspectives and modes of analysis, situating the foragers in their time and place and employing tools such as fuzzy-set analysis. An appendix includes a topical Paliyan lexicon.

Christopher Wren and the Many Sides of Genius. Proceedings of a Christopher Wren Symposium, with an Introduction and Brief Biographical Essay
 Hauer, Christian E. Jr.
1997 0-7734-8546-5 172 pages
Essays include: Historical Accident 1666 - Wren and the City of London ( Bryan D. Little); Painting Sir Christopher - Portraiture in the Age of Wren (Robin John Hughes Simon); Sinews of Peace, Sinews of History - Wren and Symbolism (Patrich Horsbrugh); Wren's Planning for the Parish Churches (James L. Doom); The Making of Christopher Wren (Michael Hunter); Christopher Wren and Great Renaissance Domes (Robert Mark). Includes bibliography

Correspondence of John Stephen Farmer and W. E. Henley on Their Slang Dictionary 1890-1904
 Atkinson, Damian
2003 0-7734-6612-6 212 pages
Slang and its Analogues is a classic of its kind, completed in seven volumes between 1890 and 1904, and has not been superseded. It was last reprinted in 1987. This study sheds light on its compilation through an examination of the correspondence of the two editors. The letters illustrate the nature of the Farmer-Henley relationship, which appears to be quite formal, and the amount of work involved in such an enterprise. Apart from slang, the book provides an insight into the second half of Farmer’s literary career as an editor of early English drama texts.

A Decade of Conformity and Dissent
 Paschen, Stephen H.
2008 0-7734-5065-3 652 pages
One of the most significant decades in United States history, the 1950s represented a time of continuity and dissent. How Americans reacted to these growing pains presents historians with a wealth of information with which to dissect the times and better understand the momentous events that occurred between 1950 and 1959. This book is an edited compilation of first-person accounts consisting of valuable primary source material. The work analyzes important roles played by various individuals, especially political and social leaders.

Eighteenth-Century British Magazine Essayists. An Annotated Initial Wording Index
 Pitcher, Edward William
2003 0-7734-6744-0 244 pages
This multi-volume series will help scholars and students of the period find their way quickly to the source of unacknowledged or incompetently ascribed reprintings of literary prose. The volumes will assist one in particular to trace reprintings in the periodicals and anthologies published outside of Great Britain. There are copious entries for passages other than the first line of a text, necessitated where a reprinting had edited out original first lines or significantly altered them; as plagiarism was customary, the many disguises of a text can only be captured by providing some of the first wording for key thematic statements. The Index is based on the following texts, supplemented by selective indexing of literary prose in those magazines for which abbreviations have been assigned below, with, in particular quite thorough indexing of the principal essay serials and several magazines of the 1745-85 periods, including The Museum, Rambler, Covent-Garden Journal, The Student, Inspector, Adventurer, Midwife, Craftsman, Gray’s-Inn Journal, Connoisseur, World, Prater, Old Maid, Universal Visiter, Idler, Centinel, and Beauties of the Magazines. Indexing for the Universal Magazine, London Magazine, and other long-run periodical is done with an emphasis on literary and moral essays with broad contemporary or modern interest.

Subscribers to the series will receive each volume for the subscription price of $59.95/£39.95. Individual volumes will be priced on page count.

Encyclopedia of Chuvash Folk Rites and Beliefs
 Salmin, Anton Kirillovich
2011 0-7734-1546-7 412 pages
An encyclopedia that covers a scientific study of the religions and customs of the Chuvash. This book is written in Russian.

English Religious Lexis
 Chase, Thomas
1988 0-88946-826-5 516 pages
Part of the Historical Thesaurus of English project at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. A detailed semantic classification of the English religious vocabulary from Anglo-Saxon times to the present.

Epitaph Culture in the West
 Guthke, Karl S.
2003 0-7734-6785-8 436 pages
This book examines a number of facets of Western epitaph culture since antiquity, with particular emphasis on post-medieval developments in the major European countries as well as in North America. Various epitaphic “sub-cultures” are analyzed, among them the time-honored custom of composing one’s own tomb inscription as well as the ancient and modern convention of honoring animals with epitaphs. It also examines epitaph-collecting, epitaph “lies,” humorous epitaphs, and the change in social and religious attitudes toward suicides. The book concludes with a cultural and intellectual history of epitaphs. An epilogue addresses the question of the supposed disappearance of epitaph culture at the present time.

Essays on Books and Bibliophiles - Aspects of the History of Books and Book-Collecting in America
 Shaddy, Robert A.
2003 0-7734-6642-8 162 pages
The essays and bibliography in this volume provide a fresh, interdisciplinary approach to the history of books and book collecting. It includes a long essay on the phenomenon of bibliophilia and bibliomania and the intense, sometimes consumingly passionate feelings collectors held for their collections. Two subsequent essays, on book collectors in Missouri and on the scholar-librarian Randolph Greenfield Adams of the Clements Library, University of Michigan, serve as case studies and suggest further research possibilities for those interested in mining the veins and deposits in the history of books and book collecting. The collection ends with a Selected Bibliography on Collecting Books and Manuscripts during the “Golden Age” of Collecting in America, c. 1890-1930.

Galatian Language A Comprehensive Survey of the Language of the Ancient Celts in Greco-Roman Asia Minor
 Freeman, Philip
2001 0-7734-7480-3 124 pages
The Celtic language of Galatian is a unique example of a language which migrated into the heart of the Greco-Roman world during classical times and there survived for centuries. This study collects and analyses for the first time the entire corpus of the Galatian language, using inscriptions, papyri, and references in the classical authors. The study also explores the linguistic viability of Galatian in ancient Asia Minor and the relation of Galatian to the Celtic languages of western Europe.

Geography of Naturopathic Physicians in the United States
 Butar Butar, Ferry Butar
2006 0-7734-5941-3 116 pages
This book is the first in-depth geographic treatment of naturopathic physicians in the United States. It consists of seven articles that have previously been published in scholarly journals read primarily by a narrow group of specialists. The articles have been published together in this format to give them a wide availability and to provide a more comprehensive overview.

Glossary of U.S. Government Vocabulary
 Whisker, James B.
1990 0-7734-9242-9 236 pages
All social sciences/humanities are seeking to develop precise vocabulary such as is employed by the physical sciences and mathematics. This manuscript is a modest contribution toward defining the precise use of vocabulary in 1992 in American national government. This dictionary has concentrated heavily on providing summaries on the outputs of the federal courts, especially the United States Supreme Court, as their decisions impact on students of politics, practitioners, and attorneys. The final chapter offers working definitions of the vocabulary of political socialization and political culture.

Glossolalia. A Bibliography
 Mills, Watson E.
1989 0-88946-605-X 132 pages
A 22-page bibliographical essay followed by 1,158 entries arranged in alphabetical order by author/editor, with subject and scripture indexes.

Greek Verb Endings. A Reverse Index
 Robinson, Thomas A. A.
1986 0-88946-206-2 80 pages

Hapax Legomena
 Adams, Barbara
1990 0-88946-849-4
Hapax legomena: words or forms that occur only once in the writings of a given language; such words are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to translate.

Il Medioirlandese / Middle Irish: A Translation Into Italian of the Gaelic Text an Mheán-Ghaeilge by Liam Breatnach
 Roma, Elisa
2013 0-7734-4472-6 324 pages
The only book of its kind that offers a detailed account of the orthography, phonology and morphology of Middle Irish available in print. This is an important research tool for linguists and professors and graduate students working in the language arts. The book covers key issues of initial mutations, and gives a detailed account of inflection and word formation of nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals, adverbs, verbs and prepositions. Attested forms are commented upon from a historical point of view, and the dynamics of linguistic conversation and innovation, the mechanism of analogy, contrasting the Middle Irish forms with the corresponding Old Irish ones with an eye on the evolution of the language.

Inter-Faith Organizations, 1893-1979 an Historical Directory
 Braybrooke, Marcus
1980 0-88946-971-7 213 pages
Gives a wide range of interreligious institutions and groups, including the ideals and programs of some of the persons who have founded and encouraged the growth of interfaith organizations during the last 80 years.

International Encyclopedia of Land Tenure Relations for the Nations of the World. Four Volume Set
 Belenkiy, Vladimir
2004 0-7734-6539-1 564 pages
This four-volume work includes articles on land tenure, land relations, and the regulations of the land market in Austria, Australia, Africa, Bulgaria, Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, Daghestan, Canada, Latin America, Norway, Russia, the United States, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, and Rumania. The encyclopedia is presented in both Russian and English, with facing-page translation.

International Register of Research on British Politics 7th Edition (1991)
 Muller, William D.
1991 89-640687 468 pages
Directory of scholars doing research on British politics.

James Joyce's Books, Portraits, Manuscripts, Notebooks, Typescripts, Page Proofs Together with Critical Essays About Some of His Works
 Connolly, Thomas E.
1997 0-7734-8645-3 296 pages
This volume makes available in one place, to Joyce scholars and enthusiasts, a comprehensive view of some of the Joyce collection at the State University of New York at Buffalo. How the materials arrived at Buffalo is discussed, in part, in several of the articles. Sections include: The Personal Library of James Joyce: A Descriptive Bibliography Home is Where the Art Is: The Joyce Family Gallery James Joyce Exhibition: A Catalogue (of the collection of Joyce material in the Lockwood Memorial Library at SUNY Buffalo) Critical essays on the Dubliners, Stephen Hero, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, "A Textual Crux in Eumaeus"; and "Joyce and Faulkner." This edition is lavishly illustrated with pictures of the articles in the Joyce collection, including portraits, page proofs, manuscripts, notebooks, and typescripts.

John Buchan: A Bibliographic Catalogue of His Uncollected Journalism
 Clarke, Roger
2018 1-4955-0678-9 744 pages
This book is an extensive bibliographic catalogue of John Buchan’s uncollected journalism, over a thousand items in total. The articles are categorized by subject matter with summaries for each. This catalogue contains articles and reviews that have not been included in previous Buchan bibliographies.

Key Signifier as Literary Device
 Kim, Heerak Christian
2006 0-7734-5524-8 180 pages
This book represents the definitive explanation of the literary device of the Key Signifier, a phrase which was coined by the author at the 2005 International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Singapore. This book serves as a handbook for understanding the literary device and for learning how to identify and use it in one’s own composition, work of art, film or TV media.

Keywords of Martin Heidegger
 Griffiths, David B.
2006 0-7734-5617-1 388 pages
This book fills an important gap in the literature of Heidegger through its extensive, detailed “key word analytic” of keywords in Heidegger’s 1927 Sein und Zeit, a central philosophical work of the last century. This expository and critical analytic focuses on foundational terms in Sein und Zeit: their semantic role, clarity and coherence, requiring verbal and conceptual translation. Included are detailed discussions of over 100 key terms (the most extensive analysis of which is the term ‘Dasein’), each of which has been carefully defined with convincing arguments for the English translations provided. The work contains a list of abbreviations and an extensive bibliography.

Life of Saint Servatius
 Vivian, Kim
2006 0-7734-6063-2 512 pages
The Life of Saint Servatius presents, for the first time together in one volume, the Middle Dutch Legend of Saint Servatius by Heinrich von Veldeke and the anonymous Upper German Life of Saint Servatius, and, again for the first time, offers those readers not versed in medieval Germanic languages authoritative English translations. With this volume, then, readers have two principal vernacular texts concerning the life and deeds of St. Servatius. Commentary has been provided to point out historical and Biblical references and to draw attention to significant parallels between the texts, and between the texts and their Latin sources. The introductions to the Legend and the Life offer background on the writers and the times they lived in, and discuss some of the most important aspects of the two works. Due to the scope of this book and to the limitations of space, no effort has been made to attempt an exhaustive comparison of the two vernacular texts, neither to each other, nor to their sources. Such studies are rare, but it is hoped that scholars in the near future will undertake what promises to be a fascinating investigation.

To aid the reader, maps have been provided along with photographs of subjects that are either mentioned in the text or are of great importance in the life and legend of Saint Servatius.

Linguistics: An Annotated Catalog of Titles in Linguistics Published by the Edwin Mellen Press
 Gascoigne, Carolyn
2020 1-4955-0811-0 100 pages
Dr. Carolyn Gascoigne catalogs the rich and diverse linguistic collection of the Edwin Mellen Press. This resource is a perfect for Linguistic scholars looking to review the published linguistic scholarship of The Edwin Mellen Press.

Louis- antoine De Bougainville, 1729-1811 a Study in French Naval History and Politics
 Kimbrough, Mary
1990 0-88946-744-7 252 pages
The first biography in English of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, first Frenchman to organize a voyage of discovery around the world. Explores French naval history of the 18th century and Bougainville's place within it. Examines the French research which has been done since 1964 and into which few American scholars have delved. Chapters include "Canada and the Seven Years War," "The Falklands Colony," "Latin-American Interlude," and individual chapters devoted to each phase of Bougainville's journey. Supplemented by numerous maps, bibliography, and index.In Stowe's writings Kimball perceives "a `Protestant Mariology' in which HBS stressed the role of the mother of Jesus. . . . There is valuable information in this book, especially in the third chapter, `Salvation Found in Womanhood.'" - Church History

Medieval Latin-English Dictionary
 Tremblay, Florent
2005 0-7734-6067-5 492 pages
This book is a response to a need often expressed by both students and researchers in philology, medieval studies, church Latin and related fields in the humanities. This modern dictionary gives as exhaustive a list as possible of the words with the variations as they appear in a set of unpublished 15th century manuscripts contained in the British Museum, called Medulla Grammatice. This hard-cover dictionary contains some 20,000 entries over 600 pages. In medieval times, grammar constituted the basis of all fields of study, whatever the subject might have been, whether philosophy, mathematics, rhetoric, etc. In fact, in all disciplines, explanatory texts were added and became the authorities in every aspect of knowledge or transmission of that knowledge. That is the reason why monks in the scriptoriums their lives reproducing texts with accompanying glosses and interlinear explanations, glossaries which were called medulla grammatice, or grammaticae, the marrow of grammar. Most of those glossaries are unknown to contemporary scholars. Several years ago, the author of the present dictionary spent over a year in the research library of the British Museum, in London, uncovering the beauty and the importance of some of the Medulla Grammatice manuscripts.

Nightingale or a Melange De Litterature (Boston, May 10 - July 30, 1796). An Annotated Catalogue of Contents and Sources
 Pitcher, Edward William
2005 0-7734-6135-3 168 pages
The Nightingale; or, A Melange de Littérature … A Periodical publication (Boston, 10 May – 30 July, 1796) is one of several early American periodicals which were experimental blends of the conventional magazine and the miscellany.

Some weeks after The Nightingale began, it was recognized by a young Bostonian writing in the Farmer’s Weekly Museum 4 No. 171 (July 12, 1796) as being of necessity an abbreviated magazine: “Several numbers of a periodical work intitled [sic]The Nightingale have appeared in Boston … The inhabitants of that mercantile place are so constantly engaged in gazing at the rates of insurance, or the manifest of a ship’s cargo, that they have few reading hours, and prefer a crowd on ‘Change to a lounge in the library … [thus] a Belknap, Minot, Clarke, Gardiner, Elliot, and Philenia will not write, because there are none to read … [reprinted in whole in The Nightingale No. 33 (July, 1796): 387-90].”

The implication was that a periodical that more frequently placed a small cluster of short articles in the hands of the public might have a greater success; at the same time, because The Nightingale’s twelve pages appeared three times a week, the miscellaneous materials were greater in aggregate than those supplied by many contemporary monthly magazines, and were largely reprinted materials acquired at little or no cost. Original contributions from local authors were not discouraged but they were inessential, partly because John Lathrop and John Russell were able contributing editors, and they recruited young writers to assist in their project. For example, Isaac Story contributed familiar essays in Nos. 12, 20 and 28, using the pseudonym “Beri Hesdin” [which, after the Nightingale closed down, he used for a series of contributions to the Massachusetts Magazine, and then following the failure of that periodical in December 1796, he used in the Farmer’s Weekly Museum].

This annotated catalogue demonstrates, however, that when original materials were too few, the editors turned to established writers, reprinting, for example several of Joseph Lathrop’s essays without comment on their prior periodical appearances, or availability in Lathrop’s Miscellaneous Collection of original Pieces (Springfield: Russell 1786). Too often (judging by the failure of subscribers to commit to a continuation of the periodical), the editors turned clandestinely to uninspiring selections from British periodicals, or to miscellanies published much earlier in the century.

Origins of Scientific Learning
 French, Sara L.
2007 0-7734-5369-5 248 pages
The papers in this volume contribute to the interdisciplinary study dramatic transformations in a wide array of human endeavors (political, artistic, literary, scientific and technological) in Early Modern Europe. All but one of the essays presented here are revised and extended versions of papers delivered at a conference sponsored by Binghamton University’s Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in 2004 centered on the theme of “Science, Literature, and the Arts in the Medieval and Early Modern World”. This book contains five Black and White photographs and seven color photographs.

Pan- African Encyclopedia
 Gbotokuma, Zekeh S.
2003 0-7734-6842-0 648 pages
This special reference work, also called the ABCN Lexicon, consists of words, locutions, organizations, and essays whose titles contain such terms as Africa/African/Africain/Africano/Afro; Bantu/Black; Color/Colour/Colored/Coloured; and Negro/Negre/Noir and its variations. It provides the reader with invaluable information regarding what black Africans have done for themselves. It is full of ABCN phenomena, conditions, problems, and solutions as well as heroic and other kinds of actions, and organizations. It includes lexical definitions and basic information about organizations. They were chosen for their cultural, economic, historical, religious, and social significance to the African world. Most of the entries are written by well-established scholars and have been published in refereed journals, books, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.

Pedagogical Techniques and Methods of Flutist William Montgomery
 Kirkpatrick, Linda
2006 0-7734-5785-2 212 pages
This book presents the teaching philosophies, pedagogical approaches, techniques, and methods of flutist William Montgomery. His concept of flute tone production, his philosophy of other aspects of flute playing, and his innovative approach to technical exercise have been documented for use by future generations of flutists. Many of the techniques and ideas he has developed reflect the pedagogical influence of his teachers, Marcel Moyse and William Kincaid. Montgomery, however, has developed his own approach to technical exercises, and frequently employs special or alternate and sensitive fingerings in his pedagogy.

Presenting the philosophies and methods of Marcel Moyse and William Kincaid demonstrates the continuities and establishes the innovations of William Montgomery’s pedagogy. Examining the methods for teaching tone production and vibrato, articulation, finger technique, musical expression and interpretation of both Moyse and Kincaid establishes a foundation from which to compare Montgomery’s methods and philosophies.

A Compendium of Post 9/11 Interviews
 Gaskew, Tony
2008 0-7734-4812-8 256 pages
This book examines the experiences and social conflicts facing Muslim Americans in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, providing insight on how the highly politicized and tense atmosphere which followed the events of 9/11 impacted the relationship between law enforcement agencies and Muslim American communities. This work also provides several polyvalent themes for improving domestic counterterrorism strategies, including the need for law enforcement agencies to make a concerted effort to educate themselves on the basic tenets of Islam, along with its diverse customs and culture; to establish an open and honest active dialogue with Muslim community members; and to create and sustain a relationship with the Muslim American community based on the foundational concepts of mutual participation, respect, dignity, honor, and social justice.

Record Book of the St. Louis Philosophical Society, Founded February 1866
 Leidecker, Kurt F.
1990 0-88946-289-5 136 pages

Research Bibliography and Anthropological Study of Afro- Choco Communities on the Colombian Pacific Coast
 Fernández, Óscar
2016 1-4955-0447-6 256 pages
This book describes the acute structural plight of the Colombian Department of Chocó on the Pacific Coast. This Afro-Colombian, indigenous and mixed ancestry region is located in one of the richest areas of biodiversity remaining in the world and consequently gives rise to antagonistic confrontations due to the asymmetrical confluence of cultures in Colombian society.

Rise of Autobiography in the Eighteenth Century
 Bell, Robert H
2012 0-7734-2640-X 296 pages
Bell utilizes an inter-disciplinary approach to studying autobiography in the 18th Century. Making use of religion and philosophy, history and literature, contemporary theory and humanism, his original analysis offers a unique array of disciplinary interpretations of the genre. This book not only deals with autobiography in a thorough manner, it also incorporates historical and philosophical interpretations to the presentation of self in this type of literature. He also demonstrates some of the problems with first person singular writing, which distinguishes this style from other forms of non-fiction, and shows how the philosophical question of ‘what can we know and how can we know it?’ is intimately related to the problem of the ‘self’ and narrative persona.

Syntactic and Literary Analysis of Ancient Northwest Semitic Inscriptions
 Schade, Aaron
2006 0-7734-5526-4 344 pages
Northwest Semitic syntax has been explored extensively on word, phrasal, and clausal levels. This has contributed much to our understanding of the languages in this linguistic family. There have also been numerous studies on micro level and isolated occurrences of literary devices within the corpus of texts. This work examines Northwest Semitic inscriptional material from the 10th – 5th centuries BCE and includes writings predominantly from the Phoenician, Moabite, and Hebrew languages. The inscriptions are analyzed based on a text level approach, and it will be demonstrated how clauses and sentences work together to form larger syntactic units. Additionally, the literary structure of the texts will be defined and the function of the macro level literary devices will be explained. As these larger levels of literary devices can only be detected when viewed in combination with the syntax of the compositions as a whole, the two approaches will be explained independently, yet cooperatively. Thus, the syntax and literary structure of the texts will compliment each other, as the syntax is the vehicle that conveys the literary devices within the inscriptions.

The History of Scholarly Research into the Writings of J.D. Salinger (1986-2016): A Companion to the Annotated Bibliography
 Weaver, Brett E.
2018 1-4955-0638-X 152 pages
This new annotated bibliography review provides the best mechanism for reviewing and studying that which we do know about Salinger. It is a readable work which places each entry within the context of that scholarship and it meaningfully places individual works of criticism within the context of the whole.

 Fisher, James
1997 0-7734-8646-3 260 pages
A valuable examination of the artistry of the puppet stage, past and present. The Puppetry Yearbook creates a a forum for new scholarship, as well as critical examinations of the growing number of international and multicultural artists and groups turning to puppets as a profound symbol that can both represent and transcend its human model.

Letters as a Primary Source for Researchers and Serious Readers
 Tipper, Karen Sasha Anthony
2016 1-4955-0445-X 112 pages
This study provides the information future editors of letters will need when they undertake the task of searching for, selecting, and editing letters of a person whose published letters, they believe, will make an important contribution to scholarship as well as being of interest to general readers.

United States in the 1920s as Observed in Contemporary Cocuments
 Paschen, Stephen H.
2007 0-7734-5449-7 480 pages
This book offers primary sources needed to examine one of the most significant decades in American history, the 1920s represented a transitional time of social, economic, and cultural change. Wedged between World War I and the Great Depression this crucial decade encompassed postwar disillusionment, religious fundamentalism, the Red Scare, normalcy, the worst presidential scandals prior to Watergate, coal and railroad strikes, the Charleston dance, radios, automobiles, airplanes, stock market frenzies, booming prosperity, heroes and gangsters, the Scopes Trial, disarmament conferences, the Fordney-McCumber Tariff, Republican ascendancy, Prohibition, bootlegging, speakeasies, the flawed Kellogg-Briand Pact, Ku Klux Klan terror, Governor Alfred A. Smith, popular songs, flappers, a new morality, a lost generation, outstanding novelists and playwrights, changes in fashion clothing, Sacco and Vanzetti, McNary-Haugen, Hays Office, Silent Cal, Billy Mitchell, Teapot Dome, Senator Thomas J. Walsh, the Progressive party, Al Capone, sports figures, and “The Jazz Singer,” among others. Here is a wide range of divergent, often controversial, view points. It is reflective of American society in the 1920s and the diversity which shaped the United States.

Why good argument is critical to useful research
 Metcalfe, Mike
2007 0-7734-5441-1 288 pages
Writers like Rorty, Popper, Dewey and Feyerabend suggest that rather than searching for more and more exacting and rigorous rules for how to undertake well justified research, we need to be concerned with communities of doubters. These, if adequately applying dialectic argument, will act to challenge unjustified knowledge claims, and so save us all from being deceived. This book encourages doubt by providing over a dozen ways to critique research, especially where that research results in knowledge claims about human activities. Each chapter provides another pragmatic conception of knowledge, used to question the assumptions behind whatever research work you have just read. Therefore, the book offers a way of learning about your own discipline specific research literature, while also learning how to design a well-justified research report.

Women, the First World War and the Dramatic Imagination International Essays (1914-1999)
 Tylee, Claire
2000 0-7734-7455-2 300 pages
Part of the significance of this collection of essays comes from its geographical and historical spread: it ranges globally across drama from France, Germany and Australia as well as UK and USA, and it demonstrates the continuing effects of the war o the cultural memories of the disparate nations involved, including Ireland, Germany, Canada and Scotland at the end of the 20th century. It not only makes available original historical research, the results of delving in the police censorship archives in Paris and in the Birmingham Reference Library’s Great War collection, it also demonstrates the fruitfulness of carious critical approaches.

World of Russian Culture: Encyclopedical Reference Book
 Dmitriev, S. N.
1999 0-7734-3200-0 543 pages
The book presents the most important facts and events of Russia’s cultural and spiritual life since 9th century when the eastern Slavs established statehood. The information is organized in the following directions: (1) Literature. Folklore. (2) Painting. (3) Architecture. (4) Sculpture. (5) Music. (6) Theater. (7) Russian Orthodox Church and Culture. This encyclopedical reference book is a must for all interested in history and contemporary development of Russian culture.