Subject Area: Québec

Biography of Francois Xavier Anselme Trudel. Quebec’s Foremost Political Maverick in the Nineteenth Century
Munro, Kenneth
2001 0-7734-7556-7 272 pages
F.-X.-A. Trudel was a lawyer, politician, and journalist, a maverick and free spirit who undermined all the institutions and values he professed to hold dear. He was a forceful proponent of Roman Catholicism of the harsh conservative ultramontane variety who disobeyed ecclesiastical authority; he stressed family values but neglected his wife and children in his pursuit of fame and fortune; a conservative; an anti-Semite; personal in his attacks on those who disagreed with his point of view. He was a strong French Canadian nationalist . He died a lonely figure disliked and ridiculed by almost everyone he had come into contact with during his rather short lifetime. The man behind the self-righteous exterior is revealed in this biography, his public career fleshed out through a clearer understanding of his personal life. The biography also gives focus to the many uncertainties and cross-currents in Quebec in the years following Confederation.

Catholic Church and Economic Growth in Quebec From 1919 to 1929
Gottlieb, Laurence
2007 0-7734-5321-0 164 pages
This monograph considers the philosophy behind the Quebec Roman Catholic Church and its support of specific enterprises and endeavors that would impact the economy in a number of regions. An examination is made into the reasons why the Church chose the means it did of encouraging economic growth, while consideration is given to the criticisms of its efforts made by past historians.

Chasse, Hockey et Baseball Dans Le Roman Québécois. Le Chasseur Comme Fondement Identitaire
Lavoie, Carlo
2009 0-7734-4770-9 180 pages
This work examines the interplay between cultural memory and fiction through the exploration of the notion of territory within the sport discourses and three Québécois novels ( L’Élan d’Amérique, by Angré Langevin (1972); Le Coeur de la baleine bleue, by Jacques Poulin ([1970] 1987); and Louis Caron’s L’emmitouflé ([1977] 1991).

Contemporary Women Writing in the Other Americas Volume Three. Contemporary Women Writing in Canada and Quebec
Colvile, Georgiana
1996 0-7734-8810-3 180 pages
"Space That I Claim as Mine": Contemporary Canadian Women's Novels in English (Coral Ann Howells) Writing About Writing: Carol Shields's The Journal (Simone Vauthier) Expatriates or not? Two Canadian Novelists in Paris: Anne Hébert and Mavis Gallant (Georgiana M. M. Colvile) Quebec Women Writers and the Quiet Revolution (Mary Jean Green) France Théoret's Feminist Hyperrealism: Denaturalizing Female Domesticity in L'Homme qui peignait Staline (Karen Gould) Rape by Grammar: Marlene Nourbese Philip's Hyphenated Tongue or Writing the Caribbean Demotic between Africa and Arctic (Barbara Godard) Art is a Thief: Maria Campbell and Linda Griffith's Jessica (Frances W. Kaye) Writing as a Trajectory of Desire and Consciousness (Nicole Brossard)

La Wicca Au Québec. Portrait D'une Religion de Sorcellerie Contemporaine. The Wiccan Movement in Quebec: A Portrait of a Contemporary Witchcraft Religion
Gagnon, Mireille
2008 0-7734-5112-9 176 pages
This study is a first in depth look at a contemporary witchcraft, known as Wicca, in the francophone province of Quebec in Canada. Taking an ethnographic approach and placing itself within the context of two different languages and world, views this study evaluates the Wiccan experience in Quebec, arguing that this particular group claims a religious rather than spiritual relation with the world.

Le Theme du Regard dans L'oeuvre d' André Langevin. Écrivain Québécois La Flèche Dans L'oeil de Narcisse
Egloff, Karin
1995 0-7734-2916-6 124 pages
Critical writings about André Langevin have been quite rare over the past fifteen years. This volume focuses particularly on the helplessness of the character in his quest for identity. It shows how Langevin's works are symptomatic of what happened in Québec in the 1950's and 1960's, translating the craving for identity/identification the whole country suffered from into personal terms. In French.

Le Tragique dans Le Théâtre Québécois Et Canadien-Français, 1950-1989
Nutting, Stéphanie
2000 0-7734-7802-7 196 pages
This study gives a specific treatment of tragedy to each of the six plays analysed in depth, and exposes fundamental concerns and deep structures common to all. The first half deals mainly with the clash of legitimate and illegitimate value systems, the established social order and the heroic individuals who challenge it. Works examined are Un fils à tuer by Éloi de Grandmont, Au retour des oies blanches by Marcel Dubé, and Sainte Carmen de la Main by Michel Tremblay. The second part examines more contemporary works, including Le chien by Jean Marc Dalpé, La lumière blanche by Pol Pelletier and Fragments d’une lettre d’adieu lus par des géologues by Normand Chaurette. In French throughout.

Les Discours Féminins dans la Littérature Postmoderne au Québec
Koski, Raija
1992 0-7734-1968-3 420 pages
This volume is a carefully chosen collection of texts which are theoretical, poetic, analytical, and critical. The voices of creative writers, professional translators and university scholars offer a range of perspectives on contemporary Quebec women writers. In the light of postmodernism, their texts offer readings, appreciations and celebrations of new and experimental writing in the feminine from Quebec over the past thirty years. In addition, the bibliography brings together a wealth of information on these writers. In French.Les discours féminins . . . examine la problématique et les fruits de la jonction, dans un contexte spécifiquement québécois, des deux grands mouvements sociaux, théoriques et littéraires d'aujourd'hui: le féminisme, et le postmodernisme. Le livre fait entendre les voix émouvantes et étonnantes de Louky Bersianik, Nicole Brossard, Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood, Daphne Marlatt et France Théoret, et fait lire les textes de quatorze spécialistes de la littérature québécoise dont Janet Paterson, Karen Gould, Louise Forsyth, Lori Saint-Martin. Les auteur-e-s du livre nous offrent l'étude de l'oeuvre d'une ou de plusieurs écrivaines ou écrivains; elles s'intéressent aux genres littéraires et à la traduction; elles se penchent sur la question épineuse de la théorie dans l'émergence d'une littérature et d'une culture au féminin, et aussi sur les significations problématiques des termes "féminisme" et "postmodernisme". Ce livre représente un état présent de la plus grande pertinence et utilité, une exploration collective, sous plusieurs perspectives, d'une problématique complexe et tout à fait actuelle.

Political Career of Sir Adolphe Chapleau, Premier of Québec 1879-1882
Munro, Kenneth
1992 0-7734-9494-4 244 pages
Adolphe Chapleau, former Premier of Quebec, Secretary of State in Ottawa, and Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec, was the hinge that allowed Quebec to switch from Conservative dominance under Macdonald to Liberal dominance under Laurier. The prevailing interpretation of his failure blames the English-speaking Conservative anti-French attitudes. This work contends that while there was tension between English and French-speaking Conservatives, the real reason for Chapleau's failure rested on his own shoulders, his personal inability to dominate Quebec.

Soka Gakkai Buddhist Movement in Québec. The Lotus and the Fleur de Lys
Metraux, Daniel
1997 0-7734-8472-8 104 pages
Quebec's Quiet Revolution of the 1960s and the decline of the Catholic church had a profound effect on the spiritual life of the citizenry. Quebec became a largely secular society, but some turned to new religions. By the late 1990s, well over a thousand Quebeckers had joined the Soka Gakkai, a Japanese-based Buddhist organization with ten million followers worldwide. This study analyzes why an Asian Buddhist group would attract a respectable and devoted following in once-Catholic Quebec while other Buddhist movements have always failed in Quebec and the rest of Canada. Metraux presents a history of Soka Gakkai movement in both Japan and Canada, as well as interviews and testimonies from a large number of Quebec Soka Gakkai leaders and members.

A Study of the Québec Master Teacher Program
Kerwin-Boudreau, Susan
2010 0-7734-3785-2 292 pages
This study is unique, both in terms of its methodological contributions and its representation of the evolution in teacher perspectives. It underscores the fact that fundamental changes to the quality of teaching in higher education are unlikely to occur unless teachers’ perspectives are first uncovered and examined. This work will appeal to educators, faculty developers and administrators in higher education.