Subject Area: Music

African Art Music: Political, Social, and Cultural Factors Behind Its Development and Practice in Nigeria
 Konye, Paul
2007 0-7734-5253-2 268 pages
This study makes a distinction between modern Nigerian art music, which evolved in the twentieth century and emphasizes Western music notation, and the previously existing art music tradition in Nigeria before the advent of missionaries in the nineteenth century. Specifically, this research examines the social, political, and cultural factors involved in the evolution and practice of art music in Nigeria. This book contains 4 color photographs.

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 Petty, Jonathan Christian
2022 1-4955-0991-5 188 pages
This work employs tenets of Group Mental System theory in considering the musical syntax and affective semantics of Anton Bruckner's last adagio. "The main tenet of this theory is that the sole linguistic object of music, language of the emotions, is Self. Musical language qualifies Self by qualifying its affect (emotions, moods, dispositions). ...[I]t is of particular interest to consider those musical works in which alterations to the Self play a direct role." -Jonathan Christian Petty

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Argentinean Cultural Production During the Neoliberal Years (1989-2001)
 Hortiguera, Hugo
2007 0-7734-5348-2 248 pages
This groundbreaking collection of essays examines Argentine cultural production during the 1989-2001 period, which coincided with the implementation of neoliberalism under President Carlos Saúl Menem (1989-1999) and his successor, Fernando de la Rúa (1999-2001), thereby providing an overview of the way Argentine writers, filmmakers, musicians and media reacted to this centrality of the market forces. This collection will be of interest to scholars of Latin American Cultural Studies, Hispanic Studies, Film Studies as well as those of Comparative Literature.

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Development of T. S. Eliot’s Style From Poetry to Poetic Drama: Dialogism, Carnivalization, and Music
 Yang, Carol L.
2011 0-7734-1561-0 364 pages
This book is a detailed investigation of T. S. Eliot’s work in the light of Bakhtin’s theories of dialogism and carnival. It employs a new paradigm for interpreting Eliot’s work, offering new points of analysis regarding, in particular, his later works.

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French Reimaginings of the Ancient Legend of Arion and the Dolphin: (Re)creations in Art, Words, Music
 Hollard, Thoron
2015 1-4955-0327-5 376 pages
The relationship between humans and dolphins has been a subject of interest since earliest times… This fascinating book explores first the classical background to Arion and his dolphin story and then its treatment by French literary and artistic figures who, in a variety of genres and forms, have recreated the story and brought out new meanings more appropriate to their particular times.”
-Chris Dearden,
Emeritus Professor of Classics,
Victoria University of Wellington ,New Zealand

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Irish Song-Craft and Metrical Practice Since 1600
 Blankenhorn, V. S.
2003 0-7734-6782-3 544 pages
This work is a systematic analysis and classification of Irish accentual verse-metres. It will interest linguists and students of metre, as well as ethnomusicologists studying the context of Irish traditional song, and musicologists studying the historical development of European song-forms. An assessment of previous contributions to the study of Irish verse-practice is followed by a general survey of metrical scholarship, which in turn lays the groundwork for a metrical theory of Irish accentual verse. Space is devoted to a phenomenologically-based discussion of the role of rhythm in spoken Irish and its implications for verse-structure. The heart of the work consists of a taxonomical survey of Irish accentual verse-types, in which the principal criterion for inclusion in a given category is the number of stressed syllables in a line. Following chapters deal with stanzaic and supra-stanzaic structure and verse-ornament, the musical context of verse, the ways in which musical metre differs from verse metre, and the implications of such differences for a system of versification primarily transmitted through a musical medium.

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Seven American Musicians and Ensembles-Mississippi John Hurt, Doc Watson, Fats Domino, Little Richard, The Million Dollar Quartet, Ola Belle Reed, Hazel Dickens
 Metting, Fred
2022 1-4955-1017-4 140 pages
"I was a college teacher for several decades and I taught...American music. The following essays touch upon the many voices I found most interesting as I discovered so much fun, rich, exciting American culture. ...The result is this loving catalogue, this inventory of some of my 'appreciations'--those musicians who moved me." -Fred Metting

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Thomas Jefferson on Gardens, Poetry, and Music
 Holowchak, Mark Andrew
2022 1-4955-1000-X 120 pages
From the editor's introduction: "Following a scheme of Francis Bacon, Jefferson cataloged the books in his library according to Memory (History), Reason (Philosophy), and Imagination (Fine Arts). Study in all three areas was needed for an intelligent, fully educated person. ...Acknowledging that there was no consensus on the number of Fine Arts, Jefferson included among them gardening, architecture, sculpture, painting, music, poetry, oratory, and criticism--with music, poetry, and oratory having further subcategories. This a critical investigation of the Fine Arts through the eyes of Jefferson and other significant figures of his day: James Macpherson and Lord Kames." M. Andrew Holowchak

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