Subject Area: Music History

 Knappert, Jan
2004 0-7734-6443-3 560 pages
This massive book of Swahili songs, with English translations, contains 28 chapters of categorized songs. Contains a long introduction setting the songs in historical context.

Price: $319.95

African Art Music: Political, Social, and Cultural Factors Behind Its Development and Practice in Nigeria
 Konye, Paul
2007 0-7734-5253-2 268 pages
This study makes a distinction between modern Nigerian art music, which evolved in the twentieth century and emphasizes Western music notation, and the previously existing art music tradition in Nigeria before the advent of missionaries in the nineteenth century. Specifically, this research examines the social, political, and cultural factors involved in the evolution and practice of art music in Nigeria. This book contains 4 color photographs.

Price: $199.95

An Examination of Verdi's Otello and Its Faithfulness to Shakespeare
 Hawes, Jane
1994 0-7734-9092-2 156 pages
This work analyzes how Verdi produced what is not only a monumental piece of music, but a remarkably effective and faithful adaptation. It examines how Verdi (and his librettist, Arrigo Boito) translated from speech to music and discusses what is required generally for a good adaptation. The study is primarily musical, though it examines literary matters as well. It examines principal characters and their relationships, the arias, the structure, and differences and similarities between Verdi and his source, Shakespeare.

Price: $139.95

ANALYTICAL STUDIES ABOUT MUSIC BY THOMAS DELIO: Beethoven, Carter, Chopin, DeLio, Feldman, Haydn, Mahler, Reynolds, Satie, Scelsi, Webern, Wolpe, and Xenakis
 Licata, Thomas
2020 1-4955-0913-3 448 pages
This is an anthology of historical and critical essays written by Thomas DeLio about music, edited by Thomas Licata.

Price: $259.95

Constanze, Formerly Widow of Mozart. Her Unwritten Memoir Based on Historical Documents, with a Foreword by the Author
 Malloy, Joseph
1991 0-88946-579-7 272 pages
Will do much to improve the reputation of Constanze Mozart, who has been vilified as having been an unworthy wife to one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time and has been blamed for his poverty and his less-than-glorious, premature death. Although a work of fiction and historical surmise, Diez' Constanze, Formerly Widow of Mozart stays close enough to the sparse biographical details of Constanze's life that the book has a tone of veracity and authenticity that is augmented by Malloy's footnotes and afterword.

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Harp and the Soul Studies in Early Medieval Music and Its Role in the Intellectual Climate of the Early University
 van Deusen, Nancy
1989 0-88946-429-4 456 pages
Essays dealing with music as it was understood, visualized, articulated, and interpreted in the Middle Ages. Argues that medieval discussions of music depended on a structural foundation which writers were certain that their readers possessed, and this influenced the subject matter of music.

Price: $279.95

Literary Sources of Nineteenth Century Musical Orientalism: The Hypnotic Spell of the Exotic on Music of the Romantic Period
 Little, Jonathan David
2011 0-7734-1553-X 468 pages
This volume is the first of its type to comprehensively survey the major sources of literary inspiration for western composers who sought to depict in their musical works on “Eastern” flavor.

Price: $279.95

 Little, Jonathan David
2011 0-7734-1426-6 492 pages
This is the most comprehensive survey of the major sources of inspiration for Western composers who sought to infuse their musical works with an ‘Eastern’ flavor. The book discusses the aesthetic, philosophical, political , geographical, literary and historical forces at work during the period. This book contains thirty-one black and white photographs and fifteen color photographs.

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