Using Co-Operative Inquiry to Raise Awareness of the Leadership and Organizational Culture in an English Primary School

This study aims to provide a way for teacher to look at the schools, to map the culture which they create among themselves and the leadership which makes this possible. It describes a collaborative approach to inquiry, enabling them to celebrate the things they prize and provide a platform for development and change in the pursuit of excellence.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword, Figures, Tables, Introduction
1. ‘Appreciate Inquiry’: A co-operative way of doing research
2. Surfacing the culture
3. Making sense of the data
4. The organizational culture and leadership displayed
5. Organizational culture and leadership
6. The school as a particular type of organization
7. Inquiry into the forms of the Fernhill culture
8. Joining the Fernhill culture – induction and ‘coming home’
9. Fernhill – a culture of collaboration
10. Putting it all together at the classroom level
Bibliography, index