The Puerto Rican Migration to Miami-Dade County, Florida, from 1940 to 2020

Dr. Cabrera traces the patterns of Puerto Rican immigration into Miami-Dade County in Florida. She traces traces the immigration pattern from 1940 to the present day. The books tracks the accomplishments and setbacks for the Puerto Rican community.


"This book is important because although much has been written about other Puerto Rican communities across the United States, especially in New York, Chicago, and Central Florida, we have a very scant written history about us in Miami-Dade. This book is my contribution to fill that void.

Florida has now become the preferred state for Puerto Ricans to relocate. In all probability this trend will continue, and more Puerto Ricans will relocate to Miami-Dade, especially after several major earthquakes hit Puerto Rico earlier in 2020."
From the Preface

Table of Contents

I. U.S. Citizens of the Island: Puerto Ricans’ Migratory Journey

II. Puerto Rican Influx and Influence In Miami-Dade County: 1940 -1970

III. Puerto Rican Kinship and Solidarity in Miami’s growing Immigrant Metropolis

IV. Contemporary Trail: Puerto Ricans’ Struggle, Adaptation and Identification from the 1970s Forward

V. Conclusion

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