Opinions of Administrators, Faculty, and Students Regarding Academic Freedom and Student Artistic Expression

This study compared the opinions of campus administrators, art faculty members, and student artists concerning institutional solutions and policy options relating to the exhibition of controversial student art work in the community colleges of Maryland. It investigated specific issues of academic freedom, exhibition space, and administrative responsibility for campus neutrality.


“Warner’s book provides academics and practitioners alike with useful information on academic freedom, art controversies, and policy options. Most importantly, however, it provides numerous opportunities for reflection upon the function of art, the nature of change, and the role of education in managing these.” – Nan Ottenritter

“Dr. Warner found that by not understanding faculty and student perceptions with regard to academic freedom, the administration, whether knowingly or unknowingly, continues to perpetuate the tension between themselves and their internal constituents. This situation has applicability to all public institutions in which the needs of internal and external ‘publics’ may seem contradictory in nature, and can only be addressed when consensus building among all stakeholders is valued and practiced.” – Sandra Miller Byrne, educator