Miguel De Unamuno's Political Writings, 1918-1924 (Volume Two): El Absolutismo En Acecho (1921-1922)

Author: Robertson, G. D.
de Unamuno, Miguel
Unamuno, known as novelist, poet, essayist, and philosopher, was also passionately interested in the political development of Spain, and devoted much time to expressing his political ideas in thousands of articles for the Spanish and foreign press. Most of these were omitted from both editions of his Complete Works, and although several editions of articles have appeared in recent years, there is still a great deal of material which is still unavailable. The articles in this 4-volume edition reflect both the persistence of Unamuno's campaign against politicians and royals and the complex picture of political, regional, and social tensions in post-bellum Spain. The original articles are in Spanish, the introduction, notes, and appendices in English.

Table of Contents

Volume One: LA ANARQUIA REINANTE (1918-1920)
As well as setting the articles in their historical context with an analysis of the social and political events of the Restoration period which, in the aftermath of WWI, entered a period of crisis culminating in the Dictatorship of General Miguel Primo de Rivera, this study examines Unamuno's outspoken responses to the major problems - a weak regime based on a corrupt and outdated two-party rotation system, regionalist tensions, royal intervention in political life, severe labor conflicts and military pressure on civilian governments - which affected Spain in the 1918-1920 period.