History of Elections to the House of Lords in the United Kingdom From 1707 to the 2010 General Election

Author: Phillips, Michael J.
Describes the working of the electoral process enshrined in the 1999 Act for the Hereditary Peerage over the last decade. A description is given of the original 1999 election and the subsequent by-elections, which have occurred to replace hereditary peers who have died. These elections are put into the historical context of the election of Scottish and Irish Representative Peers to the House of Lords over a period of nearly three hundred years.


“Dr Phillips has done a public service by writing an account of peerages in the House of Lords containing some fascinating information.”
-David Martin Scott Steel,
Lord Steel of Aikwood, KT, KBE PC
House of Lords at Westminster

“Considering the importance and continued relevance of the House of Lords reform, this book is bound to be of interest to scholars of British politics, graduate and post-graduate students, and policy makers looking for an excellent reference source on the subject.”
-Dr. Tomila Lankina,
London School of Economics and Political Science,
Department of International Relations

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Scottish Representative Peers
Chapter 3 Irish Representative Peers
Chapter 4 Twentieth Century Changes in the House of Lords
Chapter 5 The Working of the Electoral process since the 1999 Act of Parliament
Chapter 6 The House of Lords and the Labour Governments from 1999 to 2010
Chapter 7 The House of Lords and the Coalition Government since 2010