Cultural Politics of Religious Change A Study of the Sanoyea Kpelle in Liberia

A detailed study based on American Lutheran missionary accounts and other unpublished documents.


". . . provides ample perspective for those unfamiliar with religion in Africa . . . . The interviews with the first generation influenced by Christianity are particularly valuable. Had the interviewing not been done at this time the information would have been lost. . . . a useful study illustrating many aspects of religious and cultural change." _ Missiology

"One of the book's most interesting chapters shows that studies of religious change can be richly supplemented by a close look at some of the doctrines actually propagated. . . . This well-written account goes beyond many books of its genre in its attempt to use oral history and selections from religious texts as well as to situate religious change within the wider national context of political incorporation." - Journal of Religion in Africa

". . . a welcome contribution to studies about the Kpelle and about religious change in Liberia." _ Religious Studies Review

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