An Examination of Kingship and Messianic Expectation in Isaiah 1-35

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This study has two major purposes: to determine a proper method for examining a concept like messianic expectation, and to examine how the concept of relecture or rereading has been helpful in the development of messianic expectation in the book of Isaiah. This examination not only provides some very important insights into how the book of Isaiah has been used to engender messianic expectation, but will also form the basis for the study of other books.


"Wegner provides a detailed study of the larger literary setting and text critical issues for each passage as a prelude to an exegesis that emphasizes literary characteristics, philology, and redaction-critical analysis. . . . this thorough treatment deserves serious attention, and belongs in all research libraries." - Religious Studies Review

". . . clearly organized and composed, providing excellent summaries of Isaiah scholarship, especially that which recognizes an overall unity in the final literary form" -- The Bible Today

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