Things Black Scholars See That White Scholars Overlook

This collection of essays is an Afrocentric examination into the gospels and Jesus-studies by persons of African descent. The study encourages us to reassess our commonly held beliefs about biblical interpretation by offering us a fresh point of view and different cultural perspective than those that have been developed by traditional Eurocentric research. This work challenges our presuppositions about the Bible and biblical interpretation.


“Some will agree with the essays in this volume and some will disagree. In either case, however, they are conducive to new thought and insight. They are fresh and penetrating.”
-Professor George E. Howard,
Professor of Religion Emeritus,
University of Georgia

“Few collections succeed so admirably in demonstrating so clearly the value of exploring biblical texts self-consciously through the lens of a key dimension of social location, that of ethnicity. Whether examining the dialogue between African American experiences and the Bible in slave spirituals and modern R&B or provocatively revealing surprises in seemingly familiar biblical passages, these distinguished scholars consistently chart new ground.”
-Professor Mark A Chancey,
Department of Religious Studies,
Southern Methodist University, TX

".. this volume is an important contribution to the field of African American biblical scholarship, as it demonstrates quite successfully the challenge these contextual readings present to the prevailing historical-critical method."
Dr. Lynne St. Clair Darden,
Interdenominational Theological Center

Table of Contents

Foreword by George E. Howard
1. Beyond Eurocentric Biblical Interpretation: Reshaping Racial and Cultural Lenses
-Cain Hope Felder
2. The New Testament of R & B
-Stephanie B. Crowder
3. Thurman, Johnson, Hendricks and the Third Quest
-Thomas B. Slater
4. Give Me Jesus: Salvation History in the Spirituals
-Mitzi J. Smith
5. A Black History Celebration of Simon of Cyrene
-Larry D. George
6. Closing the Bible, Voicing the Body
-Emerson Powery and Luke Powery
7. Suppressed but not Silenced: Women and History In the Lukan Resurrection Narrative
-Kenneth L. Waters, Sr.
8. Empowering Women in the Gospel of John: Toward an Afro-Christian Hermeneutic and Methodological Approach
-Jamal-Dominique Hopkins
9. Acts 1:8 Re-Examined: Is Acts 8 Its Fulfillment?
-Bertram L. Melbourne
10. “Do You Understand What You are Reading?”
A Literary Critical Reading of the Ethiopian (Kushite) Episode
-Abraham Smith