A History of the Goddess Isis (softcover; by Chiara Lombardi, Edited by Malcolm Drew Donalson)

An analysis of the historical background of the goddess Isis from her oldest attestations in the Pyramid Texts until the 7th century CE; of her essence and the probable origins of her name; a catalogue of funerary texts and objects of the Eighteenth Dynasty in which the goddess appears.

Table of Contents

PART ONE - Chief Characteristics of the Isis Cult in the Roman World
Chapter 1 - Queen of Heaven, "All-goddess," "All-ruler"
Chapter 2 - Vocation, Initiations, Daily Worship and Public Penance
Chapter 3 - Isiac Priests, Priestesses, Religious
Chapter 4 - Isis and the Calendar
Chapter 5 - The House of Isis: Isiac Temples
PART TWO - Historical Survey of the Isis Cult in the Roman Empire
Chapter 6 - From the Late Republic to Antony and Cleopatra
Chapter 7 - From Augustus to Caligula
Chapter 8 - From Claudius to Domitian
Chapter 9 - From Nerva to Commodus: The Isis Cult in the Antonine Period
Bibliography A. Ancient Works
B. Modern Works

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