Lurie, Toby

1995 0-7734-2727-9
Duets crosses the border of separation between language and music, moulding these disciplines into a single, unified form. As with music, these compositions should be read aloud by two voices in order to fully understand and appreciate the relationships which develop through their various articulations and weavings. These are compositions for the eye and the ear. They explore the musicality of language -- sound, dynamics, color and rhythm, which is its heartbeat. The publication of Duets concludes his quartet of language/music books that also includes Trios, Quartets, and Quintets, all available from Mellen.

Hiroshima a Symphonic Elegy for Spoken Voices
1997 0-7734-2817-8
A quartet for spoken voices in symphonic form - poetry as music, verse-play. A tribute to the memory of those who suffered during the Hiroshima atom-bomb drop.

1990 0-88946-883-4

1993 0-7734-9515-0

1991 0-88946-002-7

Word-Scales a Radical Approach to Poetry
2000 0-7734-3410-0
Word-Scales is a term the poet devised to describe a process of composing poetry. It’s a method of creating with the language of words rather than the language of music. Although there are obvious differences between Word-Scales and music scales, the basic concepts of composing with them are much the same. Music forms are a primary agent in composing with Word-Scales. Those most prominently used are: fugue, rondo. Sonata, crab-fugue and serial forms.