Subject Area: Religion - Comparative Studies

Alaska Native (iÑupiaq) Translations and Transformation of Protestant Beliefs and Practices: A Case Study of How Religions Interact
2015 1-4955-0294-1
This work presents an initial conversation regarding how Iñupiaq culture affected or worked with the introduction of the Protestant faith. This fresh perspective provides a compelling metaphorical view of the process, not just as an assimilation of the other’s spiritual belief system, but views it as a “Gift exchange” between equally competent and equally important actors in an historically significant religious interaction.

An Exegetical and Theological Analysis of the Son’s Relationship to the Father in John’s Gospel: Equal Yet Subordinate
2015 1-4955-0306-2
John's Gospel is generally regarded as the clearest and boldest affirmation of Jesus' deity in the New Testament. Yet John also highlights Jesus'subordination to the Father more than any other New Testament writer. The profundity of this phenomenon has not been lost on Johannine scholarship. For nearly two millennia various approaches to the problem have been proposed by biblical scholars and theologians - often stressing equality at the expense of subordination, or vice versa.

In his thorough exegetical and theological analysis of John's Christology, Randy Rheaume proposes fresh insights into this ancient conundrum. With close attention to current Johannine scholarship, Rheaume seeks to uncover John's original meaning regarding the Son's eternal relationship to the father. Rather than appealing to disparate, pre-Johannine sources to solve the riddle, Rheaume argues that the Fourth Gospel is the product of a theological genius who brought together the diverse pieces of the Christological puzzle to produce a vibrant portrait of the person whom the writer and his community had come to believe, adore, and worship.

Basic Themes in the Comparative Study of Religion
1992 0-7734-9580-0
These essays include observations on the role of comparative study, the status of Scriptures, Hindu attitudes toward the present world, a Baptist-Buddhist encounter, sacred sound, selflessness in the pattern of salvation, and others. They are not only of academic interest but prepare the ground for a deeper understanding of topics which are highly relevant in a prologomena to a dialogue of religion.

Biblical Canon in Comparative Perspective Scripture in Context IV
1991 0-7734-9648-3
Seminar papers from NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers devoted to the subject of The Bible in the Light of Cuneiform Literature.

Concepts of Transmigration Perspectives on Reincarnation
1996 0-7734-9419-7
This unique work examines the concept of transmigration from the viewpoints of the major religions. While some pieces may have appeared in different texts, this is the first to include them all under one cover. Each chapter is authored by an acknowledged scholar in his field, written in non-technical terminology. As a result, the work will appeal to a wide audience of laypersons and professionals alike. This work is useful for graduate and undergraduate students in religious studies, philosophy, and interdisciplinary courses such as Death and Dying, and Afterlife Traditions.

Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Ecclesiastes
2016 1-4955-0429-8
This is a comprehensive study of Ecclesiastes in commentary form that explores all aspects of the book and its interpretations, ancient and modern. It explores Ecclesiastes in the light of contemporary Judeo-Christian historical, theological, and biblical scholarship, with special attention to the role of Ecclesiastes among the Megilloth, the Five (biblical) Scrolls liturgically read at five important festivals in the Jewish community.

Drinking the Blood of Jesus: A Theological Rationale From the Jewish Blood Prohibitions
2015 1-4955-0360-7
This excellent book is very well written, thoroughly researched and full of insight, Readers will find much new light shed on the conundrum of ‘drinking Jesus’ blood’, on John 6 as a passage, and on Johannine theology in general.

Gerhart Ladner and the Idea of Reform: A Modern Historian’s Quest for Ancient and Medieval Truth
2015 1-4955-0328-3
This is the first study to tap the deep archival reservoirs of Gerhart Ladner’s personal correspondence in an effort to reveal not only Ladner’s valuable intellectual treasures but also the evolution of his groundbreaking research into the history of reform which led to his seminal work The Idea of Reform.
This book examines the lifework of Gerhart Ladner (1905-1993). Winner of the American Historical Association’s Lifetime Award for Scholarly Distinction in 1991, he received the Homer Haskins Medal in 1961 for his seminal work on The Idea of Reform: Its Impact on Christian Thought and Action in the Age of the Fathers.

Guide to the Hebrew Bible in the Gospel of Mark
2014 0-7734-0065-6
This contextual disclosure of the extensive underlay of canonical Hebrew scripture within the Marcan narrative will promote further exploration of intertextuality within the Bible. It will serve to allow greater appreciation of the pervasive influence of the Hebrew bible on Mark's gospel and will provide prompt access to the nature of his hermeneutics.

History of the Two-Hundred-Year Scholarly Debate About the Purpose of the Prologue to the Gospel of John: How Does Our Understanding of the Prologue Affect Our Interpretation of the Subsequent Text?
2015 1-4955-0356-9
A new summary of the most-oft asked questions about the Prologue to the Gospel of John that have been posed by some of the most influential Biblical Scholars over the past 200 years and the problematic nature of its interpretation.

How the Early Church Fathers Misinterpreted the Hebrew Bible to Promote Hostility Toward the Jewish People: A Study in "blaming the Victim"
2014 0-7734-4263-4
A revealing examination of the development of religious animosity through the manufacturing of an anti-Semitic and anti-Judaism atmosphere that remains widespread in Christian society today. This study uncovers how the early Christian Church Fathers’ torturous manipulation of the Hebrew Bible, caused the marginalization of the Jews socially, economically, legally, theologically, and spiritually.

Islamic, Hindu, and Christian Fundamentalism Compared - Public Policy in Global Perspective
2003 0-7734-6769-6
These essays examine the extent of religious influence on governmental and public policies, covering recent issues and many countries. The authors are highly-recognized scholars in religious, historical and political science disciplines.

John's Gospel and the History of Biblical Interpretation
2002 0-7734-6982-6
Like the author's previous studies on Mark's Gospel (1982) and The History of Biblical Interpretation, this study of John's Gospel is much more than a mere list of annotated entries. The aim of these lively entries is to situate Johannean scholarship within the main trends of biblical scholarship from the first century up to the present while reaching out to the main corners of the Christian traditions. It avoids duplicating many items which are normally discussed in standard works. It is based on the firm belief that a solid knowledge of the whole Johannean tradition and its afterlife is vital for the adequate grasp of this key text. A valuable index of names is included.

Korean and American Monastic Practices a Comparative Case Study Songgwang-Sa Son Buddhist Monastery, Korea, and the Abbey of the Genesee, Cistercian Monastery, U. S. A.
1997 0-7734-2251-X
This is a case study of contemporary monasticism in cross-cultural perspective with particular reference to one Korean Son monastery in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, and one Cistercian monastery in the Roman Catholic tradition in North America. Korea has preserved one of the oldest and richest Buddhist traditions in Asia, and Korean Son monasticism has remained most faithful to what may be considered closest to the traditional form of Buddhist monastic life, and offers an alternative practice to the usual Western portrayals of Ch'an/Zen Buddhism. Compares historical backgrounds; motivational dispositions; and structures of monastic life. A final part is an appraisal of contemporary monastic ideal and trends in its development.

Logic of Rational Theism Exploratory Essays
1990 0-88946-369-7
Covers three broad areas: religious epistemology, theistic arguments, and God's relationship to human life, value, and the world. Three essays evaluate and extend the recent suggestion that beliefs about God do not need discursive evidence to be held rationally. Four essays take up the contemporary interest in arguments for God's existence. Two consider the Kalam cosmological argument, a third the theological argument and its relationship to the Anthropic principle and a fourth develops an epistemological argument for God's existence. The remaining five essays consider the doctrine of God's providence, the meaning of life, the Euthyphro dilemma, the nature of death, and virtue theory.

Methodological Issues in Religious Studies
2012 0-7734-2606-X
This book elucidates the conceptual or theoretical issues in religious studies by means of utilizing the tools of philosophical analysis. The academic discipline of religious studies is rich in conceptual systems that derive from ethnography, history, psychology, sociology and media studies. In line with other fields of research in cultural studies, religious studies adopt various theoretical resources in eclectic ways, and by the same token, imports various numerous conceptual issues from these adjacent fields. In addition to the rich conceptual systems within religious studies, the discipline investigates conceptual systems, cultural meaning systems that postulate supernatural entities. Whether the study object is religious behaviour or religious belief, sacred texts or buildings, the ultimate research object is the conceptual system that is conveyed or expressed by the material data. Thus there are concepts and conceptual systems at both sides: at the side of religious studies, and at the side of religious culture (cultural knowledge, behaviour and artefacts). The investigation of conceptual issues in religious studies has therefore either theoretical (or philosophical) and empirical relevance.

This book provides a philosophy of religious studies that is anchored in the intentional systems theory, on one hand, and in scientific realism, on the other hand. It will be of interest to those working in religious or cultural studies and have an interest in the philosophy of science. The book will also provide interesting case studies for philosophers of science, especially those interested in humanities and social research.

Ontological Proof in Anselm and Hegel: One Proof, Different Versions?
2013 0-7734-4329-0
The central purpose of this book is to look closely at a certain feature of the ontological proof – namely, its tendency to blur the distinction between the human and the divine. The works of Anselm and Hegel, who represent two different developments of the ontological proof, are compared and expertly analyzed.

Orthodoxy and Heresy in Religious Movements Discipline and Dissent
1992 0-7734-9183-X
These essays focus on the treatment of dissent by religious movements; the interaction between dissenting and parent groups; characteristics of dissenting groups; and the definition and enforcement of orthodoxy.

Praxis-Oriented Theology and Spirituality in the Sermons of Edward Schillebeeckx
2014 0-7734-3519-0
The first book to argue that spirituality and practical theology can be integrated by using Catholic theologian Edward Schillebeeckx’s understanding of the role played by human experience in the methodologies of both spirituality and practical theology. His sermons, considered as enactments of practical theology, explore various dimensions of this spirituality/praxis-oriented theology, and how he uses the category of human experience therein.

Psychoanalytic Interpretation of the Story of Joseph, the Son of Jacob: A Study in Comparative Culture, Ethics, and Spirituality
2015 1-4955-0385-2
This is a new and different psychoanalytic interpretation of the Old Testament Joseph Story which examines different cultural perspectives including the Christian, Hebraic and Qur’anic versions of this familiar religious story.

Salvation and Discipleship Continuum in Johannine Literature: Toward an Evaluation of the Faith Alone Doctrine
2014 0-7734-3507-7
An honest and significant response to the Faith Alone or Free Grace Movement. In this work Dr. Sujaya James tackles the inherent link between salvation/assurance and discipleship in the writings of the Apostle John to demonstrate that Faith Alone teaching is inconsistent with John’s presentation of salvation and discipleship continuum.

Studies in the Biblical Sea- Storm Type-Scene Convention and Invention
1992 0-7734-9939-3
Examines the use of the ancient compositional device known as the type-scene, in particular the sea-storm type-scene as used by the Hebrew and Christian biblical writers. Explores the theme of the sea in ancient and classical Mediterranean literature including epic, romance, drama, travelogue, and poetry as the literary tradition from which the biblical use of the sea-storm type-scene emerged.

Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs: Structure, Source, and Composition
2013 0-7734-4480-7
This book is an investigation of the pseudepigraphical Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs (TPatr) as a complete literary product. TPatr is examined with the underlying hypothesis that such an analysis will provide a key to enhance our understanding of the document’s inner logic and composition, as well as of the writer’s adaptation of sources.

Theory of Culture of Folklorist Lauri Honko, 1932-2002: The Ecology of Tradition
2013 0-7734-4543-9
Lauri Honko (1932-2002), the Finnish professor of folkloristics and comparative religion was a prolific and multitalented researcher, whose topics of research ranged from the study of folk beliefs, folk medicine and Ingrian laments to the general theories of culture, identity and meaning. He studied Finno-Ugric mythologies, Karelian and Tanzanian folk healing, and South Indian oral traditions. In this book we aim at explicating and analyzing his methodological assumptions as well as his specific theoretical contributions in the study of religion and folklore. Our central focus is on Honko’s tradition ecology, an approach to cultural systems that exposes their dynamic and functionalistic features. We compare and contrast tradition ecology with other theories in religious studies and folkloristics, especially with those theories that stem from the evolutionary and cognitive paradigms. Furthermore, we will explicate Honko’s programmatic model of the folklore process, by means of which the dynamics of religions and folklore can be conceptually captured. We argue that Honko constructed a coherent theory of culture, where functionalism played a central role. Furthermore, we argue that in Honko’s theory, religious studies needs methodological support from folkloristics as well as from other fields of cultural studies.