Subject Area: Eurasian Studies

An International Encyclopedia of Land Tenure Relations for the Nations of the World
2004 0-7734-6537-5
Includes articles on land tenure, land relations, and the regulations of the land market in Austria, Australia, Africa, Bulgaria, Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, Daghestan, Canada, Latin America, Norway, Russia, the United States, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, and Rumania. The encyclopedia is presented in both Russian and English, with facing-page translation.

Criminal Justice Reform in Russia, Ukraine and the Former Republics of the Soviet Union: Trial by Jury and Mixed Courts
2010 0-7734-1418-5
This book examines challenges to jury reforms in the transitional justice systems of the post-Soviet countries. It also provides an analysis of the historical, political and social contexts criminal justice reforms in the former Soviet Union. This book contains six color photographs and 1 black and white photographs.

Encyclopedia of Chuvash Folk Rites and Beliefs
2011 0-7734-1546-7
An encyclopedia that covers a scientific study of the religions and customs of the Chuvash. This book is written in Russian.

Geopolitics of Energy in the Caspian Sea Region: The Challenges Faced by Azerbaijan
2010 0-7734-1331-6
This study describes the geopolitical importance of Azerbaijan’s natural resources. The argument presented includes both empirical data as well as expert opinions from diplomats.

History of the British Conquest of Afghanistan and Western India, 1838-1849
2009 0-7734-4675-3
This book examines British empire building in South Asia in the final decades of East India Company hegemony in India. It traces the history of military expeditions west of the Indus and north of the Sutlej rivers into Afghanistan, Sind, Gwalior, and Punjab. These are critical episodes in the history of empire as it manifested itself in the sub-continent in the middle of the nineteenth century, as an interdisciplinary case study to test theories of imperialism.

Homeland Conceptions and Ethnic Integration Among Kazakhstan’s Germans and Koreans
2004 0-7734-6311-9
Through comparative analysis of the reactions of Kazakhstan’s Germans and Koreans to the emergence of an independent Republic of Kazakhstan, this book enhances understanding of firstly, the conflicting dynamics of socio-political integration in post-Soviet space; secondly the role played by “kin-states” in the creation or negation of “return myths,”; and thirdly, the significance of small-scale homelands in the process of de-and re-territorializing identity. The analysis in this study combines library/archival research with survey and interview data from the late independence period (1996-2002) in an effort to elucidate the interactive nature of place, power, and identity.

Iron Age Celts in the Territory of Ukraine and Their Influence on the Cultures of Local Population During Third Century BC to the First Century AD. Where Gauls and Scythians Met and Mingled
2016 1-4955-0432-8
This fascinating study is devoted to the Iron Age Celtic presence in the territory of ancient Scythia and European Sarmatia (today’s Ukraine and nearby regions of Moldova, Russia and Belorus). It provides careful attention to the Celtic-Slavic relationship as it impacts cultural influences and adaptations of the indigenous populations of that time and area.

Struggle Between Life and Death in Proto-Bactrian Culture Ritual and Conflict
2002 0-7734-7290-8