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Displaying 1 to 10 of 13 Books in Ancient Near Eastern Texts and Studies in order of Series Number
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1. The Nations in Deutero-Isaiah  A Study on Composition and Structure
by Wilson, Andrew
Year: 1986 Series Number: 1 ISBN: 0-88946-086-8
2. Grace and Law in Second Isaiah "I am the Lord"
by Harner, Philip B.
Year: 1988 Series Number: 2 ISBN: 0-88946-087-6
3. Qoheleth's Language  Re-Evaluating Its Nature and Date
by Fredericks, Daniel C.
Year: 1988 Series Number: 3 ISBN: 0-88946-088-4
4. The Hasmonean Revolt  Rebellion or Revolution
by Derfler, Steven L.
Year: 1990 Series Number: 5 ISBN: 0-88946-258-5
5. A Commentary on the Book of Genesis
by Sacks, Robert D.
Year: 1990 Series Number: 6 ISBN: 0-88946-090-6
6. The Old Testament Canon in The Old Testament Church  The Internal Rationale for Old Testament Canonicity
by Vasholz, Robert
Year: 1990 Series Number: 7 ISBN: 0-88946-084-1
7. The Bible in The Light of Cuneiform Literature  Scripture in Context III
by Hallo, William W. , Bruce W. Jones, and Gerald L. Mattingly, editors
Year: 1990 Series Number: 8 ISBN: 0-88946-219-4
8. A Bibliography on Temples of the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean World  Arranged by Subject and Author
by Parry, Donald W. , D. Stephen Ricks, and John W. Welch
Year: 1991 Series Number: 9 ISBN: 0-7734-9775-7
9. Yahweh's Activity in History and Nature in the Book of Joel
by Simkins, Ronald A.
Year: 1991 Series Number: 10 ISBN: 0-7734-9683-1
10. The Biblical Canon in Comparative Perspective  Scripture in Context IV
by Batto, Bernard F. , William W. Younger, and K. Lawson
Year: 1991 Series Number: 11 ISBN: 0-7734-9648-3
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