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Displaying 1 to 10 of 22 Books in Japanese Studies in order of Series Number
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1. Anarchism in Japan  A Study of the Great Treason Affair, 1910-1911
by Plotkin, Ira L.
Year: 1991 Series Number: 1 ISBN: 0-88946-729-3
2. A Biography of Arthur Diosy, Founder of the Japan Society  Home to Japan
by Adlard, John
Year: 1991 Series Number: 2 ISBN: 0-7734-9758-7
3. An Anthology of Kanshi (Chinese Verse) by Japanese Poets of the Edo Period (1603-1868)  Translations of Selected Poems with an Introduction and Commentaries
by Bradstock, Timothy R. and Judith N. Rabinovitch
Year: 1997 Series Number: 3 ISBN: 0-7734-8560-0
4. Rhetorical Devices of the Kokinshû  A Structural Analysis of Japanese Waka Poetry
by LaCure, Jon
Year: 1997 Series Number: 4 ISBN: 0-7734-8510-4
5. The Romanticism of 17th Century Japanese Poetry
by Kenning, Douglas
Year: 1997 Series Number: 5 ISBN: 0-7734-8478-7
6. The Yang Kuei-Fei Legend in Japanese Literature
by Graham, Masako Nakagawa
Year: 1998 Series Number: 6 ISBN: 0-7734-8368-3
7. Gogatsu No Shi / Poems of May: a Collection of Miscellaneous Poems
by Shuji, Terayama Schmidt, David A & Ekida, Fusae
Year: 1998 Series Number: 7 ISBN:
8. Culture, Community and Change in a Sapporo Neighborhood, 1925-1988  Hanayama
by Mock, John
Year: 1999 Series Number: 8 ISBN: 0-7734-7974-0
9. A Century of Popular Culture in Japan
by Slaymaker, Douglas, editor
Year: 2000 Series Number: 9 ISBN: 0-7734-7854-X
10. Ianfu – the Comfort Women of the Japanese Imperial Army of the Pacific War  Broken Silence
by Schmidt, David Andrew
Year: 2000 Series Number: 10 ISBN: 0-7734-7825-6
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