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Displaying 1 to 10 of 26 Books in Criminology Studies in order of Series Number
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1. Penitentiaries in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah from 1900 to 1980
by Johnson, Judith R.
Year: 1997 Series Number: 1 ISBN: 0-7734-8663-1
2. Prison Hostage  The Siege of the Walls Prison in Huntsville, Texas
by Robinson, Ronald W.
Year: 1997 Series Number: 2 ISBN: 0-7734-8564-3
3. A Review of Juvenile Executions in America
by Hale, Robert L.
Year: 1997 Series Number: 3 ISBN: 0-7734-8547-3
4. Closing Institutions for Juvenile Offenders  The Maryland Experience
by Gottfredson, Denise C. and William H. Barton
Year: 1997 Series Number: 4 ISBN: 0-7734-8428-0
5. The Impact of New Technology and Organizational Stress on Public Safety Decision Making
by McCarty, James M.
Year: 1999 Series Number: 5 ISBN: 0-7734-8168-4
6. An Empirical, Theoretical and Historical Overview of Organized Crime
by Liddick, Donald
Year: 1999 Series Number: 6 ISBN: 0-7734-7965-1
7. When Juvenile Crime Comes to School
by Turk, William L.
Year: 1999 Series Number: 7 ISBN: 0-7734-7979-1
8. Selected Cases on Juvenile Justice in the Twentieth Century
by Watkins, John C. Jr.
Year: 1999 Series Number: 8 ISBN: 0-7734-7902-3
9. Practical, Tactical and Legal Perspectives of Terrorism and Hostage-Taking
by Poland, James M. and Michael J. McCrystle
Year: 2000 Series Number: 9 ISBN: 0-7734-7877-9
10. Crime and Culture in Yup’ik Villages  An Exploratory Study
by Lee, Nella
Year: 2000 Series Number: 10 ISBN: 0-7734-7801-9
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