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1. Les Transformations Linguistiques Qui ont Fait Le Français Moderne : Les Étapes De L’évolution D’une Langue /  Explaining the History of European Languages : The Development Stages of Modern French
by Tremblay, Florent  
Published in category French Studies
2. Oligarchy, Dissent and the Culture of Print in Georgian Britain:  Essays, Reviews, and Documents
by Schweizer, Karl  
Published in category Europe General - History
3. Renaissance Incorporations:  Negotiating the Theory of the King’s Two Bodies
by Rolls, Albert  
Published in category Literary Criticism
4. French Reimaginings of the Ancient Legend of Arion and the Dolphin:  (Re)creations in Art, Words, Music
by Hollard, Thoron  
Published in category French - Literature
5. Nine Modern Cases of State Fragmentation from the American Revolution to Ukraine's Loss of Crimea  A Sociology of Political History
by Li, Jieli  
Published in category Political History
6. Telecommunications in the Eastern Caribbean:   Politics, Policy, and Reform
by Theophile - LaFond, Anestine  
Published in category 20th Century Studies
7. Lope De Aguirre’s 1560 Expedition Through the Amazon Rain Forest in Quest of El Dorado:  Together with a Revisionist Interpretation of the Murder of the Most Beautiful Mestiza of Peru
by Zogbaum, Heidi  
Published in category 16th Century Studies
8. A Cultural History of the First Jazz and Blues Communities in Jacksonville, Florida 1896-1916:  A Contribution of African Americans to American Theatre
by Smith, Peter Dunbaugh  
Published in category 20th Century Studies
9. How American Reggae Redefined Jamaican and Caribbean Reggae:  A Theoretical Study of the Relationship Between Mass Communication and Cultural Domination
by Humphrey, Regis A.  
Published in category Caribbean Studies
10. From the Nightmare of South African Apartheid to an American University Chancellor Professor:  The Life of Thomas K. Ranuga
by Ranuga, Thomas  
Published in category 20th Century Studies
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