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1. The Lost Mother and the Replacement Mother Figures in the Life of William Somerset Maugham (1874-1965):  A Study of a Failed Mother-Son Dyad
Published in category 20th Century Studies
2. The Romantic Regional Poetry of Peter Rosegger (1843-1918):  Heimatdichtung and Dorfgeschichte
by Ramos, Lilian  
Published in category Literary Criticism
3. Two Religious Critiques of Liberal Democracy:  A Comparison of the Political Theories of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Franklin I. Gamwell
by Johnson, Lawrence  
Published in category Philosophy
4. Tanger, Maroc  La sociologe d’une ville-frontière (A Sociological Study of Tangiers, Morocco)
by Ribas-Mateos, Natalia  
Published in category General - Anthropology``
5. Ethical Considerations:  Basic Issues in Moral Philosophy
by Rescher, Nicholas  
Published in category Philosophy
6. The Restoration Actress in Her Seventeenth-Century Social, Political, and Artistic Context:  Nell Gwyn, Elizabeth Barry, and Anne Bracegirdle
by Popple, Jennifer Elizabeth  
Published in category 17th Century Studies
7. Alaska Native (Iñupiaq) Translations and Transformations of Protestant Beliefs and Practices:  A Case Study of How Religions Really Interact
by Hanson, Kristin Helweg  
Published in category American Studies
8. Promoting Professionalism in Exercise Physiology:  Vision, Challenges, and Opportunities
by Boone, Tommy  
Published in category EDUCATION
9. Edward Said’s Literary Criticism and Cultural Theory:  Deconstructive Readings of Canonical Literature
by El-Meligi, Eman  
Published in category Middle & Near East - History
10. Postmodernist Arab American Novels, Poetry, and Theory:  Comparative Readings of Six Works Conversing with Egyptian and Chicana Literature
by El-Meligi, Eman  
Published in category American - Literature
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