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1. The Man Who Killed Mahatma Gandhi:  Understanding the Mind of a Murderer
by Elst, Koenraad  
Published in category 20th Century Studies
2. The Case for Alternative Teacher Certification
by Smith-Ross, Camacia  
Published in category 20th Century Studies
3. An Historical Dictionary of Political Parties in the Middle East and North Africa
by Suwaed, Mohammad  
Published in category African Studies
4. The American Peace and Justice Movement from the Early Twentieth Century to the Present
by Howlett, Charles  
Published in category 20th Century Studies
5. The Westward Movement of Northern Insular Culture and Christianity in the Middle Ages:  A Critical Review of Archaeological and Literary Sources on the Faroes, Iceland and Norse Greenland in Relation to Churches and Christianity in Norse Greenland
by Ingason, Gunnϸór  
Published in category Archeology - Anthropology
6. The Scholarly Process of Editing Letters:  Letters as a Primary Source for Researchers and Serious Readers
by Tipper, Karen  
Published in category Language Arts
7. The Elmira Reformatory, 1878-1890:  Innovations in the Administration of an American Penal Institution
by Hinkle, William and Hartley, William  
Published in category American Studies
8. Nine Sicilian Plays by Lūigi Capuana:  Translated from Sicilian into English by Santi Buscemi
by Buscemi, Santi V.  
Published in category 19th Century Studies
9. Conflicts of Property Rights of Land in Brazil:  The Moral Economy of Carioca Tenancies
by Pedroza, Manoela  
Published in category Business
10. Iron Age Celts in the Territory of Ukraine and Their Influence on the Cultures of Local Populations During Third Century BC – First Century AD:  Where Gauls and Scythians Met and Mingled
by Kazakevich, Gennadiy  
Published in category Europe - Anthropology
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