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1. Henry Ford’s Project in Human Engineering:  The Sociological Department of the Ford Motor Company (1913-1941)
by Loizides, Georgios P.  
Published in category 20th Century Studies
2. Studies in the Ontology of the Bhagavad Gītā:  What is One’s View of God, the Universe, and the Soul?
by Tsoukalas, Steven , Surya, Gerald  
Published in category Classics
3. Dealing with International Crimes in Africa:  When Are Indigenous Justice Systems Better Than Criminal Trials?
by Sungi, Simeon  
Published in category African Studies
4. How Eighteenth-Century Women Fended-Off Sexual Violence by Writing and Talking:  A Study of Four British Novels by Delarivier Manley, Jane Barker, Eliza Haywood, and Samuel Richardson
by Stahl, Jan M.  
Published in category 18th Century Studies
5. The Secularization of Death in Scotland, 1815-1900:  How the Funeral Industry Displaced the Church as Custodian of the Dead (A Study of Private Cemeteries, Public Crematoria, and Bereavement Practices in Edinburgh)
by Smith, Michael  
Published in category Cultural Studies
6. The European Micro-States As Disfunctional States in the International System:  A Theory of Disfunctionality
by Simpson, Archie W.  
Published in category Forthcoming
7. A Translation from Russian into English of Gazy Zemli by Vasilii Andreevich Sokolov (1965) Gases of the Earth:  A Scientific Study of Gases in the Earth
by McMenamin, Mark  
Published in category Environmental Studies
8. The Operettas of Emmerich Kálmán
by Martin, Jessie Wright  
Published in category Forthcoming
9. Criminology and Penology in Islamic Jurisprudence
by Mahmoud, Mahgoub El-Tigani  
Published in category Islamic Studies
10. A Source Book of Karl Marx’s Letters About Abraham Lincoln and His Strategic Goal in the Civil War:  The Destratification of American
by Gesualdi, Louis  
Published in category Forthcoming
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