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1. The Use of Spatial Imagery by Three Nineteenth-Century New England Authors – Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Sarah Orne Jewett, and Rose Terry Cooke:  A Method for Analyzing Regional Text
by Hausmann, Jessica  
Published in category 19th Century Studies
2. The Tricultural Personality (Chinese, Hispanic, English):  A Paradigm for Connecting Culture Differences
by Yang, Mimi Y.  
Published in category General - Anthropology``
3. How Do The Partners of International Students Adapt and Contribute to Their Receiving Communities:  A Sociological Study of a University Town
by Grindel, Elisabeth  
Published in category Cultural Studies
4. Staging Irish Dramas in Japanese Theatre:  Studies in Comparative Theatrical Performance
by Wetmore Jr., Kevin J. , Liu, Siyaun and McCurley, Dallas  
Published in category Theater
5. The Function of the Ekkyklema in Greek Theatre:  The Sculptural Display of Murdered Victims and the Success of Greek Tragedy for the State
by Eis, Joel D.  
Published in category History - Greece
6. A Chronicle of the Kings of the Visigoths:  From Alaric to the Moorish Conquest (395-737 A.D.)
by Donalson, Malcolm Drew  
Published in category Forthcoming
7. The Fast Day Sermons Before the Long Parliament (1640-1660):  Their Role in Shaping Intellectual and Political Life in 17th-Century England
by Dippel, Stewart  
Published in category 17th Century Studies
8. E. Lawrence Levy and Muscular Judaism, 1851-1932:   Sport, Culture, and Assimilation in Nineteenth-Century Britain Together with “The Autobiography of an Athlete”
by Fahey, David  
Published in category Biography
9. The Work-Family Debate in Popular Culture:  Can Women and Men “Have it All?”
by Lem, Ellyn A. and Dunn, Timothy John  
Published in category American Studies
10. Praxis-Oriented Theology and Spirituality in the Sermons of Edward Schillebeeckx
by Dolphin, Kathleen  
Published in category Religion - Comparative Studies
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