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1. The Depiction and Description of the Female Body in Nineteenth-Century French Art, Literature, and Society:  Women in the Parks of Paris, 1848-1900
by Furlong-Clancy, Sinéad  
Published in category 19th Century Studies
2. Why Twelve-tone Music Is Not Musical:  An Explanation and Critique of Serialism
by Thomson, William  
Published in category Music
3. A Translation from French into English of Camille Mauclair’s Le Soleil des morts / Sun of the Dead
by Yeoland, Rosemary  
Published in category 19th Century Studies
4. Jane Marie Grant-Strachey (1840-1928) and Her Eminent Children:  A Study of Influence of a Mother on Her Sons
by Rogal, Samuel J.  
Published in category Autobiography
5. A Historiographical Inquiry into the Theoretical and Methodological Implications of Borders in the Studies of Great Epidemics:  Bugs and Borders
by Nielsen, May-Brith Ohman  
Published in category Epidemics and Public Health
6. What Black People Are Afraid to Tell Themselves About Themselves:  A False Self-Identity Among Black, Negro, Colored, and White People in the United States
by Nordé, Sr., Gerald  
Published in category African-American Studies
7. The Afro-Mexican Ancestors and the Nation They Constructed
by Hernández Cuevas, Marco Polo  
Published in category General - Anthropology``
8. A Translation from German into English of Joseph Von Eichendorff’s Romantic Novel Ahnung und Gegenwart (1815)
by Mahoney, Dennis F.  
Published in category Linguistics
9. Martha Dickinson Bianchi (1866-1943):  An American Poet of the First World War
by Tanter, Marcy  
Published in category 19th Century Studies
10. The African American Father:  A Survey of Recent Scholarly Research
by Lawrence, Shonda Kaye & Watson,Jerry & Anderson,Brian  
Published in category 20th Century Studies
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