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1. A Social Theory for Music Education:  Symbolic Interactionism in Music Learning and Teaching
by Froehlich, Hildegard C.  
Published in category EDUCATION
2. A History of Lehigh University’s Athletic Extra-Curriculum, 1866-1998
by Smith, Courtney Michelle  
Published in category EDUCATION
3. Discovering the Hidden Figure of a Child in Shakespeare’s Sonnets as the Key to a New Interpretation:  From Literary Analysis to Historical Detection
by McCarthy, Penny  
Published in category Comparative Literature
4. Robotic Technologies in Japan:  Narratives of Use of Technologies for Manpower Enhancement, not Replacement
by Lim, Tai-Wei  
Published in category Japanese Studies
5. Studying Demographics, Student Equity and Organizational Culture of a California Community College:  A Case Study of Transformational Leadership
by Cervantes, Eduardo  
Published in category American Studies
6. The Life and Vocal Works of Lee Hoiby, American Composer and Classical Pianist (1926-2011):  Including a Complete Catalog of His Songs
by Gray, Colleen Gail  
Published in category American Studies
7. A Concordance to Herman Melville's Bartleby, the Scrivener:  A Story of Wall Street
by , Wegener, Larry E.  
Published in category 20th Century Studies
8. The Political Philosophy Behind Dr. Seuss’s Cartoons and Poetry:  Decoding the Adult Meaning of a Children’s Text
by Bracey, Earnest N.  
Published in category 20th Century Studies
9. The Lost Mother and the Replacement Mother Figures in the Life of William Somerset Maugham (1874-1965):  A Study of a Failed Mother-Son Dyad
Published in category 20th Century Studies
10. The Romantic Regional Poetry of Peter Rosegger (1843-1918):  Heimatdichtung and Dorfgeschichte
by Ramos, Lilian  
Published in category Literary Criticism
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