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1. Karl Barth’s Table Talk:  Transcripts of Barth’s Conversations with His Students at the Bruderholz Restaurant in Basel During the Years 1958-1964
by Anderson, Raymond  
Published in category 20th Century Studies
2. The Mythological in the Operas of Benjamin Britten
by Stajn, Radmila Paunovic , Lazarevic, Slobodan  
Published in category Forthcoming
3. Afrocentric Interpretations of Jesus and the Gospel Tradition:  Things Black Scholars See That White Scholars Overlook
by Slater, Thomas Bowie  
Published in category African Studies
4. The Relationship Between Race and the Prevalence of Hypertension:  A Sociological Analysis of a Critical Socio-Medical Problem in America Today
by Scales, Josie  
Published in category African-American Studies
5. The Theomagical Reformation of Thomas Vaughan:  Magic and the Occult in Early Modern British Theology
by Reese, Garth D.  
Published in category England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland - History
6. The Role of Southern Free Blacks During the Civil War Era:  The Life of Free African Americans in Richmond, Virginia 1850-1876
by Latimore, Carey H.  
Published in category African-American Studies
7. Conceptually Distinguishing Mirth, Humor, and Comedy:  A Philosophical Analysis
by Kort, Eva  
Published in category Philosophy
8. Men’s Yearning Anger Toward Women in the Writings of D.H. Lawrence, Dion Fortune, and Ted Hughes:  The Battle Between Jehovah and the Great Goddess
by Hardy, Robert  
Published in category Forthcoming
9. Readers’ Response to Isabel Allende’s Fiction:  A Critical Study of Her Cross-Cultural Popularity in Britain and Spain
by Fanjul Fanjul, María C.  
Published in category European Studies
10. Universal Health Care As a Human Right:  The Argument of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
by Chapman, G. Clarke  
Published in category Health Studies
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