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What Mellen Authors Say

Testimonial #1
Since I have published eight scholarly volumes with Mellen, all in poetic translation, an area sometimes difficult to publish, I can well attest to Mellen’s contribution to solid scholarship. Moreover the volumes are visually attractive and certainly durable. The staff has been unfailingly competent, courteous, and especially expeditious in turning a manuscript into a book.
Carl W. Cobb
Graduate Professor of Spanish, Emeritus
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Testimonial #2
It was indeed a pleasure to work with The Edwin Mellen Press on The Complete Poems of American Poet Donald E. Stanford, 1913-1998; The end result was a well laid out text in a beautifully bound volume that any press and any author would be proud to claim. Throughout the process of preparing the work, I was impressed with the professionalism and helpfulness that characterized the entire Mellen staff, from the receptionist to the Production Manager: the specifications were clear and extremely useful; my calls were always returned quickly (usually the same day); and the entire production proceeded quite expeditiously, resulting in publication in a matter of months rather than a matter of years, as is the case with some presses. Moreover, The Edwin Mellen Press is no mere vanity press; on the contrary, its scholarly standards and requirements are fully as stringent as those of the university presses I have worked with during the thirty-two years of my publishing career. Furthermore, at a time when many university presses are often forced (perhaps for budgetary reasons) to turn away valuable research endeavors, The Edwin Mellen Press is more essential than ever in its role of publishing (and thus preserving) scholarly projects in a wide range of fields and formats; thus, the contribution The Edwin Mellen Press makes to scholarship is enormous and significant. I consider it a great honor that my work met the high standards of this press.
Rebecca (R.W.) Crump
Professor of English
Louisiana State University

Testimonial #3
The Edwin Mellen Press produces quality textbooks, which are attractive and very durable. The company demands scholarly information based on current research findings. The time between submitting the manuscript and receiving the finished product is amazingly short. However, the key element are the positive personality and efficiency of the Mellen press staff.
Rose Duhon-Sells, Ph.D
Dean of the College of Education
Southern University, New Orleans

Testimonial #4
In ten years of publishing with and reviewing manuscripts for The Edwin Mellen Press, I have been pleased by the consistent quality of the books as well as by the promptness with which books move from acceptance to release. This press makes an important contribution to scholarly work.
Phebe Davidson
G.L. Toole Professor of English
Caroline Trustee Professor
University of South Carolina, Aiken

Testimonial #5
The principal contribution of this press to the academic world is the outstanding scholarship of its authors. There are of course numerous other presses which publish scholarly books. However, The Edwin Mellen Press is willing to publish books solely on the basis of the scholarly contribution of the manuscript without reference to any profit motive. This is evident to anyone who looks at the Mellen catalogue.

Because I have written a number of books for Mellen and others for numerous publishers I am most impressed with the speed with which the books are published. While others may take a year or more to publish a manuscript, Mellen achieves publication in just three months. A remarkable record indeed considering the anxiety with which authors anticipate the production of their work.

Mellen books look good. They are printed on good paper, are bound hard cover and include the picture of the author together with a brief biography. This allows readers to comment to the author which increases the satisfaction an author gains form his efforts.

Finally, it can be said that the staff at The Edwin Mellen Press is most helpful, friendly and supportive. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Gerhard Falk
Professor of Sociology
State University College at Buffalo

Testimonial #6
In my experience, The Edwin Mellen Press has always been in vigorous pursuit of scholarly excellence, and its contribution to scholarship is a leading one. This degree of true distinction is matched both by the expeditiousness of the timetable by which the Press publishes and by the high quality of the books that come off its presses. The cooperativeness, helpfulness, and warm friendliness of the Mellen staff are without equal. In all my years of publishing with The Edwin Mellen Press – since 1992 – I have always been proud to be a Mellen author.
Emory E. George
Professor Emeritus of German
The University of Michigan , Ann Arbor

Testimonial #7
As editor for a major national professional society, I have published more than a dozen books with Edwin Mellen. The product has always been of excellent quality, published expeditiously, by a very helpful and professional staff. Mellen’s contribution to scholarship has been truly outstanding.
Yeager Hudson
Charles A. Dana
Professor of Philosophy (Emeritus)
Colby College

Testimonial #8
When I attempted to find a publisher for Hans-Jürgen Becken’s English translation of the sacred scriptures and oral histories of Isaiah Shembe’s Zulu religious movement the amaNazarites, university presses told me that to publish all four volumes of amaNazarite texts was not financially viable. They suggested that I edit the material to create one, at most two, volumes. Unwilling to distort the material in this way I eventually went to The Edwin Mellen Press which accepted all four volumes and published them without making any changes or asking for a financial subsidy.
Professor Irving Hexham
Department of Religious Studies
University of Calgary

Testimonial #9
Today’s world marginalises the scholar. He often feels like a mediaeval anchorite, labouring alone, patiently, wondering if his work will make contact with any other soul, hoping that it is so, but only rarely obtaining verification that his words are indeed heard by others. In the midst of this new technological dark age, amidst all the frivolous clamour of a pop culture seeking little more then sensation and self-gratification, Mellen Press provides a signal service to scholarship, the importance of which is hard to overestimate. For Mellen accompanies scholars of all fields, both along the well-trod highways and the tiny, overlooked paths of research, providing the academic world with solid intellectual goods. In the future, when the historian sifts through the debris of our era, oversaturated with information, once the dross has been cast aside, more than a few of the things that will remain will be bound in the covers of the Edwin Mellen Press.
Charles S. Kraszewski
Professor of Comparative Literature
King's College, Wilkes Barre

Testimonial #10
It has been my distinct pleasure and privilege to publish advanced scholarly research in books with The Edwin Mellen Press in 1990, 1992, 1999, and 2000. These fine appearing texts are located in prestigious libraries, thankfully. The Mellen staff is pleasing to coordinate these important contributions to scholarship.
Geary H. Larrick
Professor of Music
University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

Testimonial #11
I left teaching to enter the US Foreign Service in 1945, from which I retired after serving 32 years. I don’t know how it happened, but after an automobile accident in which my wife and I were almost killed, I suddenly developed an overpowering desire to return to my first love, language research. I did so with passion only to learn that no one was interested in publishing my findings: not the trade publishers, nor the university presses. It was a shock to learn that the latter were engaged in a frantic effort to imitate the trade for profit and were no longer interested in shepherding scholarly works. A far cry from the 1938 publication of my study of a 17th century dramatist put out by the John Hopkins Press! I don’t know how it happened, but I finally found The Edwin Mellen Press which has published half a dozen of my serious scholarly studies. I stand humbled and deeply grateful that there is at least one press left which is dedicated to the publishing of scholarly studies.
Dr. Joseph F. Privitera
United States Foreign Service

Testimonial #12
When I sought a publisher for my book The Namibian Herero in the mid-1980’s several prestigious university presses were prepared to publish the manuscript. But, all of them asked me to add material stressing the importance of the South West Africa People’s Organization (SWAPO) to the struggle for independence in Namibia. Of course, there is no doubt that SWAPO player a key role in the independence struggle. The problem was that the people I studied were not SWAPO supporters. Therefore, to add material on SWAPO would have meant distorting my own research or adding a totally separate chapter based on secondary sources. Then I discovered The Edwin Mellen Press that was prepared to publish my manuscript without the radical editing other presses were demanding as a condition for publication. In the interest of academic integrity therefore I published my book with The Edwin Mellen Press.
Professor Karla Poewe
Department of Anthropology
University of Calgary

Testimonial #13
Recognizing the current and general reluctance of university presses and commercial publishing houses to consider for publication scholarly books that appear, on the editorial surface, to possess limited commercial potential, The Edwin Mellen Press represents one of the few opportunities for scholars working in highly and tightly specialized areas to set the products of their research and writing before the scholarly public. That audience, in turn and as always, will sit in judgment as to the quality and the appeal of the work – that task not being limited to a small group of university press editors or a referee or two whose principal critical criteria assume the forms of sales figures and dollar signs. More importantly, The Edwin Mellen Press stands in the face of academic fads and contemporary academic correctness, offering encouragement and support to and for those scholars whose works favor emphasis and reliance upon historical and traditional substance and methodology. Since 1988 – through twelve titles and twenty-three volumes -- I have been personally grateful to and appreciative of those opportunities afforded to me by The Edwin Mellen Press, and thus I have been able to maintain the incentive to continue my work.
Samuel J. Rogal
Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
Illinois Valley Community College

Testimonial #14
The administrative, editorial, and production staff members at Mellen are the most considerate group of professionals I’ve met in the field of publishing. They are my publisher because I choose to surround myself with a community of like-minded experts who are committed to success and are disciplined in their industry.
Karl J. Terryberry, Ph.D.
Professor of English and Writing Coordinator
Daemen College

Testimonial #15
I not only have been an author whose work has been published by The Edwin Mellen Press but it has been my pleasure to review both manuscripts and proposals for books for it.

The published works I have read have been of the highest order, fully comparable to the best academic presses with which I have published and from which I have reviewed manuscripts. The Edwin Mellen Press offers scholars an opportunity not only to see the fruits of their scholarship published but to expose other scholars to such products. Much research requires the level of timeliness that this publisher provides.

In every way, your staff and The Edwin Mellen Press has been cooperative. Questions and inquiries are promptly answered. Directions are clear and easy to follow.

One of the most important aspects of publishing with The Edwin Mellen Press has been the quick turn-around. Decisions on publication are made in a timely manner. Manuscripts accepted are published within the time suggested, less than six months, after a final camera-ready manuscript is provided. The books are well bound and printing is clear and set on acid-free library quality paper, assuring that published work will be available for a very long time.

It has been my experience that many presses invest considerable expense in editing an author’s manuscript for political correctness, gender neutrality, and specific grammatical style, wasting much of an author’s time on non-substantive issues. This has not been the case with The Edwin Mellen Press. It has done quite an excellent job of maintaining the highest academic standards of the best presses without intruding on the integrity of the manuscript.

Overall, my experience with The Edwin Mellen Press has been overwhelmingly positive and I have and will continue to recommend it to enterprising scholars.

James B. Whisker
Professor of Political Science
University of West Virginia