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Guru Devotion and the American Buddhist Experience
Capper, Daniel Stuart Jr.

Table of Contents

Table of contents: Preface 1. Encountering Buddhism in the United States 2. Creating an Ethnography of Enchantment 3. Transference and Countertransference 4. Brief History of the Tibetan Guru-Disciple Relationship 5. The Ethos of Siddha Gompa 6. Experiences in the bardo 7. Finding the Womb 8. The Jewel House and the Pleasure Garden 9. Buddhist Transformations Appendix A: Interview Questions Appendix B: Lineage Prayer References; Index

ISBN10:  0-7734-6986-9   ISBN13:  978-0-7734-6986-0    Pages:  280    Year:  2002   

Series: Studies in Religion and Society Number: 57

Subject Area: Religion & Society 

Imprint: Edwin Mellen Press

USA List Price: $139.95 UK List Price: £ 94.95  

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