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Displaying 71 to 80 of 127 Books in Gender Studies in order of Publication Year
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71. Stigma and Perseverance in the Lives of Boys Who Dance:  An Empirical Study of Male Identities in Western Theatrical Dance Training
by Risner, Doug 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4661-3 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4661-8
72. The Beginnings of Modern Gendered Discourse in Late Eighteenth-Century Germany:  Literary, Philosophical, and Popular Portrayals of Female Orality
by Benbow, Heather Merle 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4722-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4722-6
73. The Fourth Generation of French Feminist Writers (1985-2010):  From Fictionalized Text to Fictionalized Author
by Angelo, Adrienne 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-3823-8 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-3823-1
74. The Re-invention of the American West:  Women’s Periodicals and Gendered Geography in the Late Nineteenth-Century United States
by Suzuki, Noriko 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4847-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4847-6
75. Welsh Noblewomen in the Thirteenth Century:  An Historical Study of Medieval Welsh Law and Gender Roles
by Richards, Gwenyth 
Year: 2009 ISBN10: 0-7734-4672-9 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4672-4
76. A Social and Psychological Account of Gender Transition:  The Diary of a Transsexual Academic
by Teague, Gypsy Elaine 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5044-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5044-8
77. Body Texts in the Novels of Angela Carter:  Writing from a Corporeagraphic Point of View
by Kérchy, Anna 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-4892-6 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4892-6
78. Creating a New Ideal of Masculinity for American Men:  The Achievement of Sentimental Women Writers in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
by Willey, Nicole L. 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5204-4 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5204-6
79. Essays in Irish Literary Criticism:  Themes of Gender, Sexuality, and Corporeality
by Quinn, Deirdre and Sharon Tighe-Mooney 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-4830-6 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-4830-8
80. Gender and Age Discrimination Among Women in the Broadcast News Industry
by Howard-Byrd, Sherlynn Teas'La'Nea 
Year: 2008 ISBN10: 0-7734-5144-7 ISBN13: 978-0-7734-5144-5
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