Vowel Length in Welsh Monosyllables, Its Interrelation with Irish and Other Related Problems: An Acoustic Study and Its Didactic Implications

Author: Asmus, Sabine
A pioneering work for the study of Welsh phonology and related typological implications. The authors resolve long-discussed contradictory assumptions and also convincingly decline claims of vowel contrast.


“This study is a most valuable contribution to Celtic scholarship. Moreover, it promotes efforts to stabilize and maintain the Welsh language and teach it efficiently and adequately.”-- Professor Edward Warner, University of Leipzig, Germany

“This book will make a significant contribution to our understanding and appreciation of Welsh history and literature.”-- Professor Christine Jones, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Table of Contents

Abbreviated Table of Contents:

Project Description
Corpus Acquisition
Distinguishing Between Long and Short Vowels
Mutation-patterned Vowel-Coda Interplay
The History of Welsh Sonorants as a Source of Assumptions about Phonemic Vowel Contrast – The Interplay with the Irish
Orthography-Phonology Interplay
Diacritics and Misuse of the Circumflex
Morphological Extensions
Epilogue – Welsh-Irish Comparanda